A Winning Guide to Designing a Stunning Bungalow

Not all homeowners will think about hiring an interior designer. If you prefer to design your own house, it is important to have a firm grasp of the basics of interior design. Whether you are making from scratch or revamping or whether you are setting up a bungalow or penthouse, you have to learn some fundamentals.

Designing Stunning Bungalow

The Walls

The interiors of a bungalow often get color inspiration from nature. Because of this, consider painting the walls with a sage green, a soft brown, a daring terra cottage orange or mustard yellow. Choose muted colors or colors that have a tinge of gray to allow your walls to appear a little more vintage. Additionally, make use of wallpaper repros of crafts and arts, any nature-themed pattern or geometric designs. Such must provide the house look more unique. Moreover, think about stencilling the walls or using wainscoting on the lower parts. Make sure that the walls are framed with dark-colored wood moldings. These offer the bungalow a more appealing and fresher look.

Designing Bungalow Walls

The Lighting

Mica is a famous material used in lighting fixtures. A mica-shaded lamp placed beside your end table on both couch sides can provide more exquisiteness and illumination. If you want a more conventional and extravagant look, make use of a stained glass chandelier that has angular patterns above your dining table. With this, a feeling of height and fusion is cast to the overall theme of your house.

Designing Bungalow Lighting

The Accessories

Each should be personalized. Start with laying a big area rug right smack in the living room, dining room or bedroom. Such anchors spaces while provide more pattern and design to the room. Rugs that have angular motif can harmonize with other home design elements helping achieve a more cohesive appeal in the process. Hang that big, rectangular, framed mirror into the wall and above your fireplace.

Designing Bungalow Accessories

The Furniture

Streamlined furniture makes a bungalow appear more chic, especially one constructed using a dark-toned or heavy oak finish. Look for the pieces that have exposed frames to allow the construction of the furniture to be emphasized. Also, look for one that has slats on the couch arms, table sides and chair backs. You can mix these wooden straight lines with dense fabric or natural leather for upholstery. A more comfortable look makes it more suitable to your bungalow.

Designing Bungalow Furniture

The Theme

While you put together the fundamental elements required for beautifying your bungalow, it’s time to choose a theme. If you like a formal theme, get inspiration in hotels. Use plaster ceilings and wall decor i order to achieve the highest elegance level. Also, symmetry is important whether you are designing in a conventional, modern or formal theme.

Designing Bungalow Theme

In addition, the bungalow can stand out if you think about featuring a modern theme. This can be achieved by ensuring you know about the recent home styles. Don’t think that contemporary look is often straightforward and minimal. The majority of modern interiors can be made welcoming and warm or even comfortable.

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