Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Your Springfield Ohio Home!

Bathrooms are by far the most common household space that gets remodeled, and this is partly because they’re smaller than kitchens and the remodeling process is usually easier and more affordable.

There are countless tips that homeowners should keep in mind when they’re thinking about remodeling a bathroom, and we’ve teamed up with the bathroom remodeling springfield ohio specialists at Dream Big Contracting to provide you with this comprehensive list of bathroom remodeling tips.

So if you’re currently planning your next bathroom remodel, keep the following tips and tricks in mind to help you make the very most out of these fun and exciting home improvement projects!

Build Recesses & Niches For Extra Space In Your Bathroom

When the space in your bathroom is a bit tight, consider building in as opposed to out.

Built-in recesses like medicine cabinets, soap dishes and toilet roll holders can give you some extra space for other décor components and applications. Another good idea is to consider turning your bathroom’s ceiling light into a recessed light, and you can also build into your bathroom’s walls to create extra storage space.

Consider Bathroom Ventilation

Every bathroom needs adequate ventilation, whether that comes in the form of an exhaust fan or properly sized window.

When it comes to bathroom fans, you’ll need to consider the fan’s exhaust capacity and noise levels. Noise levels are an important factor to keep in mind because even slightly loud bathroom fans can sound abnormally loud in tight spaces.

Add Plants For Natural Color

You should also consider where you’re going to put plants in your bathroom while you’re planning out your remodeling project, which means that bathroom plants shouldn’t be an afterthought once your project has completed.

Plants bring much-need, natural coloring into bathrooms that are often considered to be more sterilized, boring household areas. One good idea for adding bathroom plants is to install a floating shelf that gives you a place to showcase several plants in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Choose The Right Bathroom Flooring

Wood floors can add character to a bathroom, but they’re not typically the best bathroom flooring material from a practical standpoint.

You should instead consider hard bathroom flooring that can stand up to the daily usage it’ll inevitably experience. This includes popular materials like porcelain tile, ceramic tile, vinyl tile and luxury vinyl tile.

Adjust Room Aesthetics Via Color

It’s possible to make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is by keeping the room’s color palette on the lighter side of the spectrum.

Darker colors typically make a room appear smaller, which can be a problem if your bathroom already has tight quarters. This is why homeowners in Springfield Ohio should always be extra careful about painting bathrooms anything but off-white or white, because darker colors will inadvertently shrink the size of your bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting Is Key

People visually inspect their faces and hair in bathrooms, so your bathroom’s lighting truly matters. This is why lighting is a key factor of every bathroom remodeling project, and you’ll want to ensure that your new bathroom is full of new lighting fixtures.

This means you should consider adding sconce lighting around your bathroom’s mirror, and just remember that your bathroom lighting should be subtle—not blinding!

Install Freestanding Décor Pieces

If you have enough space in your bathroom, consider placing at least one freestanding décor piece like a cupboard of decorative chair to add some extra aesthetics.

You can also consider recessing other practical bathroom components like clothes hampers to compensate for this added space. You can also make this type of freestanding décor piece more practical for things like soap, towel or other small item storage.

Add More Hooks For Hanging Items

Hooks are a great way to add surface area to your remodeled bathroom, and people often use hooks for hanging towels, bathrobes and clothes.

Consider adding more hooks on the sides of your cabinets, the back of your bathroom door, and along your bare bathroom walls.

Add Mirrors

A lot of people only think of mirrors for their practical uses like examining hair or checking makeup, but mirrors are also bathroom design elements that help expand the visual appeal of a room by adding more light.

A good idea for your remodeled bathroom is to add a second mirror to go alongside your primary mirror, and a good place for this secondary mirror would be above your bathroom sink.

And if your bathroom is on the smaller side, consider installing a large-format mirror that expands horizontally across your bathroom’s entire wall.

Reach Out To Dream Big Contracting When You Need Bathroom Remodeling Services In Springfield Ohio!

There’s a lot that homeowners need to keep in mind while they’re preparing for their next bathroom remodeling project, and the above tips are just a tiny glimpse into the many ideas that you can implement with your home improvement investments.

One of the top-rated bathroom remodeling companies in Springfield, Ohio is Dream Big Contracting, and you can speak directly with the Dream Big team by clicking on the link to their website that’s located at the top of this article!

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