Best ways of maintaining your refrigerator

The life and efficiency of any electronic device including refrigerator can be extended with maintenance. Regular maintenance retains the efficiency of the refrigerator like it is still new. After you buy refrigerators, make sure you are aware of the maintenance tips. Few tips to maintain the refrigerator are mentioned below:

  1. Check the seals of the door regularly

The doors with loose seals allow air to pass through and hence make it difficult for the refrigerator to do its job. Therefore, keep a check that the seals are free from any food residue. Clean them at regular intervals with baking soda and water in order to ensure this.Now, after cleaning the door, try out dollar bill test. In this close the bill with the door with half inside and half outside. If the bill comes out easily, then the seals are not efficient enough. Consult a professional in this case.

  1. The coils must be clean

Make sure that the condenser coils are clean, since if there is dust over the coils, they will not work efficiently. At regular intervals pull out the refrigerator from its original place and check the dirt on the coils at the back. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust and dirt from the refrigerator.

  1. Clean the drip pan and drain hole

The drain hole and the drip pan are something which must be cleaned on a regular basis for a proper condensation. Remove all the food deposits from the drain hole and regularly clean the drain pan. The procedure is mentioned in the user’s manual of most of the refrigerators.

  1. Maintain the correct temperature

Do not settemperature randomly just because it is a refrigerator. Maintain 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the refrigerator and the temperature at freezer must be 0 degrees.

  1. Fill the refrigerators with eatables

For maintaining the low temperature, refrigerator needs lots of stuff. Thermal mass is very important to retain the lower temperatures. The food items absorb the warm air which comes inside the refrigerator every time you open the door. In case you do not have much stuff, or your refrigerator is too spacious, at least store few bottles filled with water inside.

  1. Be prepared

In case there is no electricity, keep the doors of the refrigerator closed. The refrigerator can keep the food items safe for 4 hours, while the freezer maintains its temperature for around 48 hours if it is completely full or else for 24 hours.

Other tips:

  • Schedule your refrigerator’s cleaning days beforehand.
  • The gaskets must be cleaned with vinegar.

Therefore, when you plan to buy refrigerators from online shopping sites, make sure that you are aware of the maintenance tips as well. Go through the user manual properly, to check if the device requires any kind of regular maintenance.

Generally, in few user manuals, few additional items for maintenance are recommended. So, read the manual properly and then start the maintenance of the refrigerator from the day you bought it, to keep it new forever.

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Matthew Okafor