6 Brilliant Ways to Spruce up Your Bathroom

The bathroom is among the most costly rooms in a home to renovate. However, you don’t have costly renovation projects to make your bathroom feel luxe.

If splurging on a new shower and installing new vanities are not on your card, there are many ways that may give your bathroom a luxurious look. Some of the ways experts have suggested include:

1.      Add Mirrors

Create an illusion of a more spacious and light bathroom by adding space-enhancing and large mirrors. Tall and long mirrors also work precisely well when it comes to exaggerating the feel and size of space. So stick on mirror frame and opt for a style and shape which can suit your bathroom.

2.      Transition the Tub into Elaborate Showers

Plumbers know shower conversations are one of the easiest ways to upgrade bathrooms. Even if your bathroom is small, you may easily create an attractive and luxurious space.

It would be wise if you go for a glass door when it comes to your shower. You will get a plastic plantation blind at half price to embellish the space.

If you are uncomfortable with standing when taking a shower, you may incorporate shower seats. If you have any mobility issues, transitioning a bathtub into a spacious one can be a great idea.

3.      Include Plants

Plants normally add color and might help to purify the air. Work with interesting planters to add texture and color to the space.

Planters are also a great way to include a personal touch and style. Look at the nearest plant store to get planters, which local professional artists make.

4.      Upgrade the Lighting

The bathroom lighting fixtures in your bathroom are normally overlooked, yet it is a powerful way to make the space functional.

A poorly lit bathroom can feel cold and small and will make daily chores, such as hygiene and makeup, more time-consuming.

Installing sconce lighting can make your bathroom feel more inviting and bigger while minimizing the amount of time you usually spend on a mundane task.

5.      Retile and Refresh

Old tiles may degrade your bathroom and leave every buyer overwhelmed. So you might want to replace yours before selling your home.

Although it may be a costly outlay, tiling your bathroom might have a great impact, especially when two or three of the current tiles are cracked.

Broken tiles may result in damages elsewhere, and a savvy buyer understands this better. Seemingly innocuous cracks might mean leaks, which can mean water-damaged flooring and walls.

6.      Take Advantage of Corners

Similar to catches win matches, corners may garner space. If you are looking to use modern bathroom ways to upgrade the space, ensure you use dead space correctly.

The convenient use of your bathroom space will allow you to build corner shelves to keep your essentials. Such a storage idea doesn’t substantially affect the renovation cost of your bathroom.

Concluding Remarks!

In case you are stuck with a small space in your bathroom, there are a few design tricks to have in the wheelhouse. This will make the space seem bigger.

Like other rooms in your home, color, shower, mirrors, storage, and light will play an important role in how spacious bathrooms feel.

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Matthew Okafor