Small Living Room Ideas

So you’ve found the right home for you and sold your old one, but it has at least this one challenge: the living room is smaller than expected. While you may be tempted to throw in the towel and resign yourself to a cluttered, cramped space, you can actually make the best use of the space you have and get those most for your square footage. Here are some ideas for making your small living room work.

Make Floating Shelves and Tall Bookcases Your Friend

Wall space, especially if your ceilings are high, can be a big help in a small living room. Floating shelves that are higher than typical furniture can give you a space to put books, knickknacks, and other sundries without needing more table space in a small area. Tall bookcases, as well, allow you to store the most-used items at normal arm’s reach, with less commonly needed items up near the ceiling and down near the floor.

Use Corners Effectively

Many people end up letting the corners of their rooms not do much because they are harder to access, but with a small living room, you want to use every bit of your space to your advantage. Whether you opt to put an endtable flush in the corner so that you can make the best use of that corner or find a corner shelving unit that lets you store items there, don’t let those spaces go to waste. A well-angled sectional couch can even be a great option, especially if it is modular and can be arranged a bit when guests want a different seating arrangement.

Include Only the Seating You Need to Maximize Space

If you’ve always had spots for 8 to sit in your previous living room but never have more than 5 people over, consider culling a chair or two. Especially any furniture that is more “overstuffed” will make a small living room feel even smaller, all without actually adding as much seating as more minimalist, sleek seating can. It’s fine not to change everything immediately, but consider how a furniture revamp might giving you more space to breathe.

Mirrors and Windows Add Spaciousness

If you can, emphasize windows with airy curtains that allow natural light in. It’s easy to feel holed up in a small living room, and windows make the space feel bigger, especially on days with pleasant weather when the windows can be opened. Skylights can provide some of this same feeling, and if you simply don’t have either one, a mirror or two hung on the walls gives a bit of the same feeling, widening the space in the minds of those who are in it.

Being more intentional with a living room space makes even the smallest room into a place brimming with potential, a fact any real estate agent will wisely share. If you think carefully about how you’ll use the space, you can put such well-chosen furniture in it that you won’t necessarily miss the larger space you might have preferred. Instead, you’ll get to see the benefits of your small living room for their own merits.

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Matthew Okafor