Choosing your plank hardwood floors

If you have decided to change the floors in your home, you are perhaps a bit overwhelmed by the many options of plank floors to choose from. No matter which wood species you decide to decorate your home with, you will not go wrong with Junckers’ plank floors which will enhance the style of your home and make it look elegant, luxurious and inviting. See all plank floors here.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Oak, ash or pine? Texture and colour? There are many things to consider when choosing new floors for your home, and to many people these decisions may seem overwhelming and perhaps daunting to make. Here is a useful list of aspects for you to keep in mind when choosing your new floors.

As already mentioned, you will probably have the option to choose among different kinds of wood species for your new floors. It is important to go with a type of wood that is hard, such as oak and ash that are hard wood species and will therefore, function well as floor planks since they can withstand more tear and are generally more durable than softer types of woods.

Texture and colour for your floors

When deciding on new floors for your home, it is probably decisions regarding colour and texture that most people come to think of. The texture and colour of your hardwood floors can add a lot to your overall décor scheme. With texture and colour you can play with the appearance of the wood and really accentuate the features of the wood like with an open grain style, or you can choose a smooth texture for a more subtle appearance. If you go for textured hardwood planks you can enjoy your beautiful floors for many years to come, since scratches, wear and tear will be less visible on the textured surface. If you have small children or indoor pets a textured plank may be a good choice for you.

Choosing the right width for your plank floors

One of the most important aspects when choosing the design of your wood floors, is the width of the planks. This aspects is very significant to the overall look of your new floors and should therefore, not be a hasty decision. Depending on the manufacturer of your floors, planks will usually come in a variety of widths. A wider plank will give you less seams and is a good option for a bigger space so the texture of the wood really come into its own. With a smaller space, less wide planks can be a great option, as they will add texture to the overall look of your new plank floors.

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