How to Choose the Best Faucets for Your Home? A Guide

Buying a faucet can be tricky business. A wrong decision, and your investment goes to waste. But how do you buy the right faucet? Let’s look at five key pointers you should know when selecting a faucet for your space.

Faucet for Kitchen or Bathroom

First things first, are you looking for a faucet for your kitchen or bathroom? This is important because the design will vary depending on where you want to install the faucet. For instance,

Kitchen faucets are usually taller and give you better access to wash the dish comfortably under the tap. On the other hand, bathroom faucets need to be more compact, especially if you want to install a tray over the tap to keep your essentials.

Two Handle Vs. Single Handle Faucet

Next thing, do you want a two-handle or a single-handle mixer? You’ll have to mix hot and cold water individually with a double-handle mixer. Single-handle mixers allow you to mix the water seamlessly by turning the tap on either side.

Another thing to identify here is whether you want a single or two inlet faucet. This will depend on the water outlet coming to your wall or sink. If you have two separate water sources, you’ll need one that can attach to both sources. However, a single inlet faucet may be sufficient if your plumbing already has a mixer installed.

Wall Mount Vs. Sink Mount Faucet

The next thing to decide is whether it will be a wall mount or a sink faucet. Again, this would depend on your plumbing and the type of sink you have. Moreover, if you’re decorating your space from scratch, the decision would depend on the look you want out of your bathroom or kitchen. For instance, wall-mount faucets can be good if you want to accentuate your sink. On the other hand, sink faucets help you highlight the wall or tiles of your bathroom or kitchen.

The Height and Reach of the Faucet

A critical factor to consider is the height or reach of the faucet spout. If you have a cabinet or a shelf above the faucet, you may need to ensure that the faucet fits into the space. However, you can go for taller spouts if you don’t plan to install anything above the faucet. Typically, kitchen faucets need to be taller, and bathroom faucets are smaller and more compact. Measure the space from the water source to the cabinet/shelf above the faucet to get the right one.

Looks Should Match Functionality

Pick a faucet that is not only good in looks but is also functional. For instance, you can find kitchen faucets today with a magnetic dock-in spout. This allows you to seamlessly point and spray to rinse the dishes easily without scrubbing. Another alternative to this is the pull-down faucet that will enable you to pull down or change the direction of the spout to spray water in the right direction. Finally, if you have multiple sinks in your kitchen, ensure the faucet can be turned seamlessly to the sink of your choice.

Build Quality and Finish

Lastly, don’t compromise on the build quality and finish. The fixture, whether for your bathroom or kitchen, should be corrosion and stain-resistant. Moreover, it should have a forceful spray to properly clean your hands or dishes.

And when it comes to finishes, choose one that goes with the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen or bathroom. Some typical finishes are stainless steel, chrome, brass, and gold.

Your kitchen and bathroom deserve the best faucet. Use this guide to buy the best faucet from a reliable brand that offers a good guarantee and warranty on its products.

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