How to Apply Wallpaper Like a Pro

Applying wallpaper is often something that people leave to professionals. There is something of a stigma about wallpaper applied by a DIYer. While there is a tiny bit of validity to the concerns that those who are not trained in hanging wallpaper do not know how to do it properly, the criticism is largely overblown. You do need to make sure that you do a little bit of practice and keep everything at hand. Applying wallpaper is sometimes difficult but it does not have to be. If you are careful and deliberate, you can apply wallpaper just like a professional. The first step is to buy good wallpaper and supplies.

Good Supplies

Buying good wallpaper and wallpaper supplies is key to ensuring that your walls look great for years to come. You need to find a retailer who has experience in delivering quality products to clients. They should offer discount wallpaper that does not skimp on quality. That great affordable wallpaper can come in many different varieties. Once you have found a great supplier of wallpaper, you should look for the other supplies surrounding it. You will need some kind of scraper to smooth the paper once it is on the wall. You will also need an adhesive. There is also self-adhesive wallpaper that streamlines the process. Lastly, you will need a sharp razor blade. When you are ready to apply your wallpaper, you should put everything within easy reach. Chefs call this mise en place, which means that everything is where it should be. It makes it possible to do your job efficiently and quickly. If you have everything in place, you’re ready to proceed forward.

Apply the Glue

First, you need to apply the adhesive to the wallpaper. You should do this in alternating figure eight patterns so that you get good coverage. Also, be sure to fold down a corner at the top of the strip of wallpaper; you will use this to grab the wallpaper and can cut it off once it’s applied. You should line up with the corner of the wall and apply the paper. Do this by starting at the top and working your way down. Be sure to apply it as evenly as possible but do not stress too much if there are tiny bubbles. You will then take your scraper and use it to smooth the wallpaper. You will smooth it in one direction in complete motions. Don’t scrub it up and down. Once you have that strip finished, you can move to the next one.

You will proceed in this manner across the entire wall. Make sure that you take a step back after each application of a wallpaper strip to be sure that it is straight. Looking at it up close, you might think it’s straight but it actually isn’t. Taking a step back gives you a better perspective.

Finally, once you’re finished applying the wallpaper to the wall and you’re satisfied that it is straight, you should use your razor to cut off the extra at the top and bottom of the wall.

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Matthew Okafor