Toys That Develop Skills in Your Child

Every parent wants their child to have toys that will help them develop on schedule. What kind of toys can best help your child grow, mentally and emotionally?

Imagination Toys

Any toy that encourages imagination will help your child grow, as Imagination ignites passion. Children can explore different worlds and find out what they like and what makes them happy. Some children will play the same imagination game over and over, because they so enjoy the role they are fulfilling. Drawing and art supplies really encourage imaginative play; some children like to be creative on paper. Additionally, dress up clothes, dolls or action figures, and clay can help your child develop their imagination. Play with your child or let them play with a friend to see how they let the story play out.

Toys That Develop Skills in Your Child

Problem-Solving Toys

Problem-solving toys give children an early start on figuring out how to fix something, like puzzles for example. Children who are very young may need puzzles that have pieces with knobs and separate spaces for each piece. However, as the child develops, give them harder puzzles. Choose puzzles made from wood if your child is two years old or under as they are still likely to try to see what the puzzle tastes like. Flashcards or matching games also allow children to practice problem-solving, and improve memory and cognitive function. These games can be a good idea for you to play with your child as they will allow you to support your child’s growth, and for you to see how they are progressing.

Story Telling Toys

Storytelling toys are most often recommended for children three years and older. The reason for this age suggestion is that children younger than three years do not really understand a story yet. When children are young, they watch TV or they listen to you read stories, and they learn what a story is. When they become a bit older, they will attempt creating a story themselves. This will encourage their creativity as well. Toys that can help them with this are puppets and magnet sets. Puppets allow them to create a show, and tell a story. Magnet sets from Tiger Tribe provide different backgrounds and allow them to use the magnets to tell a story on a smaller scale.  You can help them by demonstrating a story with their new toy.

Toys That Develop Skills in Your Child1

Active Toys

Often, children will see things around them and want to copy them, and action toys can help connect cause and effect. Action toys do not need to be expensive, and some of them you can make from home. For example, you can fill a bottle with rice and firmly close the top; they now have an instrument. You can make many sorts of instruments from home or you can buy a toy instrument that makes sounds. Your child will love recreating the world they are discovering around them.

These toys will all allow your child to develop both mentally and emotionally as they learn more about the world and ways to process it.

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