Buying Beautiful Vanity Units

Vanity units consist of a sink and cabinet combination, that maximises space, and declutters your room. By combining your basin and your bathroom storage into one convenient piece of furniture, you can free floor space, and thus make your toilet appear larger. This is a particularly attractive option for homeowners that are limited in space, or who want the convenience of storing their beauty products directly beneath their basin.

Vanity units for the bathroom are definitely a convenient option for those who like to organise their bathroom. It provides a discreet storage space directly beneath a water source, which means that your soaps; razors; tooth brushes and other toiletries are always within reach. Vanity unites typically come in 4 different models, briefly outlined below.

The ‘floor standing’unit, which is arguably the most popular model, is a traditional standalone cabinet with legs or that sits flat on the floor. On the top surface of the cabinet, there’s either a built in basin, or a sink that sits on top. These units are typically two doored cabinets, made from wood, with ceramic basins on top.

Another popular model is the ‘wall hung’variety, that consists of a basin and cupboard, suspended from your bathroom wall. This is a great option for those who have limited floor space, or a bathroom floor that requires lots of maintenance, particularly regarding regular floor cleaning. Because the unit is suspended, it’s limited in its weight capacity, which means that these models are typically slimmer and single doored.

A third model is the ‘washstand’unit, which essentially consists of a table, with a shelf beneath and a basin resting on its top surface. The basin is typically not built in, and features as a standalone sink, with some safety attachment included to prevent toppling. This is a very low maintenance option for those that require a more immediate solution, or those who don’t want to clutter their bathroom with bulky furniture.

The final model available to homeowners is the ‘cloakroom’variety. This is a very minimalistic and simplistic basin, typically very slim and sleek, that sits above a simple cabinet. This is the perfect option for those who prefer more simple, elegant and subdued models. Its also a good option for those who have narrow bathrooms, or washrooms that require smaller furniture to occupy smaller spaces.

With so many options available, it can be difficult knowing which vanity unit to choose. Ideally, you should find a model that fits the available space, and that suits the decor of the bathroom. If you’ve previously chosen a more traditional design, then don’t be tempted to opt for a more modern vanity. Continuity is key to design, so consider all options before committing.

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Matthew Okafor