Factors to Consider When Choosing Backyard Fire Bowls


Fire bowls bring beauty to your yard. When you have a rich landscape, fire featurestie together the whole area, creating a magnificent and elegant look. Sitting around a fire bowlduring a cold evening is a perfect way to continue to enjoy the beauty of your yard even when the weather isn’t agreeable. Choosing the best design can be a challenge and it’s important to knowwhich factors to consider. You should make sure to choose a fire feature that will make you feel comfortable. But the price needs to be right too. There are many choices in fire features, but fire bowl sare a stunning and cost-effective way to go.

Consider these factors when you purchase your fire bowl:

What fuel does it use?

When buying a backyard fire bowl, it is important to be aware of the fuel type it requires. Backyard fire features can use wood, natural gas, gel or alcohol. When you want efficiency, it is important to consider a bowl that will not cause you headache. The propane gas fire bowls are the most efficient after installation as they do not involve lengthy procedures to light or control the fire. However, running a gas line outdoors to your new fire feature can be a bigger project than some want to undertake. Gel is an alternative that is both portable and simple, you need only replace the gel fuel when it runs out.

Keep in mind that the type fuel you use will also affect the kind of flame created. Wood is inexpensive but creates smoke and embers, and the heat of the fire may fluctuate depending on the type of wood.


How should it be maintained?

Maintenance is another important thing to consider when choosing a backyard fire bowl. The frequency of servicing and the cost that you incur should play a part in decision making. Some fire pits are inexpensive but not built to last. Others come with a life-time guarantee. You should find a fire feature that gives you quality performance with minimal maintenance. Wood burning firefeatures will require regularmaintenance and cleaning and are therefore more labor intensive than other types of fire pits. Whether a fire featurewill stand the test of time should be a consideration.


Is it portable?

The mobility of the fire bowl also matters when you are making your decision. You should consider a fire feature that is flexible and allows you to move it. A natural gas fire feature is immobile and can only be enjoyed from one single point where it was installed.

A portable feature, like a gel table top fireplace,can be moved from location to location. Wood burning fire-pits are also usually light enough to move when necessary. Their mobility makes them ideal if you like changing your resting positions within your backyard.


What will it cost?

The cost of the whole fire feature, from the installation cost to the price of the unit itself, undoubtedly plays a major role in your final decision. The cost of fuel and the rate at which it will be used should also be incorporated into your budget. The cost of the feature should also reflect the quality and expected durability of the unit you ultimately choose.

When choosing fire bowls for your backyard, you should exercise due diligence to ensure that what you buy meets and fits all your needs. The choice should give you value for your money and add a beautiful touch to your backyard.


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Matthew Okafor