Clean Your Old Residence and collect your Deposited Money

Are you about to move? Before you hand over the property to the rental agent ask for the deposit money. Usually, during a rent deal, the tenants have to submit a certain amount of deposit money. When they leave the real estate property, their deposit money is refunded by property managers. But before that you will have to clean the house and have to replace the broken chandelier, oven handle or the torn up linens and carpets.

You may also have to clean up the messy and clogged toilets and the broken toilet seats. By hiring a plumber Singapore or in any other area where you’re located, you can get the job done and can rightfully claim the whole deposited money. Let the plumber visit your place and remove the clogs from the pipes and clean up the messy toilets as well as fix the broken tiles or the countertops that were almost immaculate when you took the place on rent.

Cleaning the carpets and floors are also mandatory. You have to prove that you have taken great care of the landlords’ furniture and other home appliances, those were pre installed before you took the possession.

What will you experience if you left the house untidy?

Make it very clear that the rental agent will undergo a survey before you leave the apartment/house. These professional has a checklist that he will keep marking during the survey. This is the same checklist that he might have checked when he handed over you the keys of the property. Good professionals will critically examine the things those were already there at the time of possession and how are they right now. If they found that any of the things is missing, broken, blemished, and untidy they will immediately bill the amount and it will be deducted from the deposit money. So, be very sure about the belongings of the landlords.

What are the important cleaning areas?

  • Clean the kitchen. Clean up the bins, if that belongs to the property owner. Defrost the freezer and make sure that the microwave ovens and the Hobbs are stain free.
  • Clean up the bathroom tiles and toilet. Use extra strong bleach to remove strong stains from floors and tiled walls. You may also have to fix the soiled toilets or the rusty and leaking faucets. Let the plumber do that for you.

So clean up the property and get back all your deposited money from the landlord or the rental agent.

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Matthew Okafor