Designing A Home That Will Make You The Perfect Host

There are a number of ways in which a homeowner can be a truly great host but it is the home, with its utility and design, that will most often enable an individual to become the perfect host. Guests are looking for a number of qualities in their stay and the hosts who welcome them should seek not only to meet these needs but to surpass them too.

To show you how this can be accomplished, we’re sharing the top property designs that are conducive to welcoming guests, from flattering interior designs to undeniably decadent utilities.

Indicated Space

Making oneself at home isn’t as easy as it may sound. Hosts can often forget that a guest doesn’t always know how to properly interact with a living space that isn’t their own. For this reason, indicated space is an ideal design consideration.

This means that, even without asking a question, it is indicated or suggested how a guest should interact with a room, from having an abundance of seating options to having a clearly defined storage area for coats and luggage. By designing such considerations, guests will be able to effortlessly feel welcomed into a home and without the need to ask questions.


Being welcomed into a home is a wonderful experience but can often lead to embarrassing discomfort if there is a certain degree of privacy required. Certain guests might not feel entirely comfortable sharing too much of the same living space as their hosts.

While a certain degree of privacy is possible within a home, making use of spare rooms, many hosts are preferring to establish outbuildings, such as log cabins, in their garden instead. These spaces allow for a stay that is removed from the main living area, giving guests a greater degree of privacy and comfort

Flattering Design

A homeowner shouldn’t underestimate the importance of flattering design in the home. A wonderful aesthetic, one that is bright and welcoming, will work exceptionally well to encourage guests to feel at home more easily. This is because well-lit and tidy homes feel cleaner, safer, and generally more pleasant to spend time in.

If you’re on the fence about transforming your home’s interior before a guest’s arrival, it is recommended that you move ahead with your plans. A fresh and stylish design is certain to win you favour with friends and family.

The Basic Comforts

While you certainly don’t want your home to feel like a hotel, there are certain parallels that should be embraced. Guests will appreciate, for example, fresh sheets and towels, as well as the use of amenities. Having these available, even if unnecessary, will help those who stay to feel comfortable and catered to.

Some homes, especially those that welcome Airbnb guests, will more significantly benefit from such efforts, with extra assets like tea and coffee-making facilities in a bedroom, going a long way to making guests feel truly set in their temporary home.

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Matthew Okafor