Three Insanely Smart Ideas for Exterior Home Design

The outside of our homes say so much about who we are and what we consider important. It is the first clue most people have about us when they come to visit. And yet with all of this importance, so many of us give much more consideration to interior decoration then we do to how the outside of our home looks. There are some handy little secrets that we are going to share here that can make upgrading the look of your exterior of your home easy to do and without a huge hit on your bank balance.

Give Them Light

Regardless of where we live, most of us want our homes to feel safe. Nothing quite gives us that feeling of security like having our outside of our homes well lit. This can include flood lights that are set to go off whenever someone enters our yards. It can also include incidental lighting such as those lovely little lanterns we see everywhere that light up our walkways.

Many of these lights may be powered by solar but still need a power sonic battery to store up that power until nightfall. But with today’s technology they have the ability to store up that solar power and keep our homes well lit and feeling safe all night long. Using these lights as part of your outdoor decoration can give you a backyard that is beautiful and safe at the same time.

Flag It

So many backyards are just a wide expanse of green lawn. This may be easy to care for, especially if you have a lawn service, but it isn’t the best use of that space. If you are thinking you would like to entertain in your backyard, why not add a simply patio of patio squares that sit in that lawn space?

You can easily do this yourself by using a bed of sand to create a smooth even surface. You add the blocks of patio called flags in a design and voila, you have a new patio! Nothing quite says home like a simple celebration in your own back yard with a few good friends.

Outdoor Rooms

If you are bit more ambitious you might want to try adding an outdoor room to your home. This is more than just a simply patio or deck, but is rather creating a wonderful cozy feel of an outdoor living room or sometimes even a guest bedroom. Cabanas can be created to make a cozy retreat while outdoor firepits give a warm glow to an evening’s entertainment outside.

 Many stores offer couches, chairs and even chaise lounges that are designed to be used out of doors. Make the outdoor of your home just as inviting as the indoor by creating an outdoor room where you can relax, your friends can gather and the green of the outdoors can be a bigger part of your home life.

Think Exterior Living

As you can see from these examples, once you begin thinking in terms of how to live outdoors as fully as you live indoors, the sky is the limit. From adding light that adds security as well as beauty to creating whole new rooms you will want to live in out of doors, the options are there. Take advantage of them to create your own style of outdoor beauty.

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Matthew Okafor