Five Major Causes of Water Pollution at Home

Water pollution in your water system is barely noticed because you are confident that strict regulations have secured the water that comes out of your faucet. However, such pollution can still take place and you need to know what could cause the problem to address it right away.

Your Home’s Location

If your house is near a heavy industry like mining operations, you should be mindful of the possible damage to your house and the water supply. Hydraulic fracturing mining can render drinking water toxic or even flammable. Although industrial activity is highly-regulated, make sure your water is safe so have your water supply tested by a professional plumber.

Outside Water Features

These features include your swimming pool, fountains and ponds. Water pollution caused by these features is easy to spot because you will notice a chanced in color and smell. This type of domestic water pollution is usually caused by toxic algae that can cause health issues when you swim in the affected area. Thus, ensure your pool is checked regularly by a professional.

Indoor Water Problem

A leading pipe inside your walls can lead to mold that decreases your home’s indoor air quality. Also, this can cause major health problems, especially in young kids, older adults and people who have respiratory issues like asthma.

Find signs of water damage such as stains which appear on the walls that you suspect originated from the inside. Internal water damage is a concern and must be dealt with a qualified plumber who can detect water pollution in the house.

Community Issues

If your house is in an isolated community and gets water from a bore or well, you must have your water quality checked on a regular basis. While you can buy home testing kits at a plumbing supply store, you will want to hire a professional plumber to carry out the test for you.

Preventing Water Pollution at Home

Keep in mind that not only big companies cause water pollution. Be careful about the use of toxic cleaning chemicals in your household. Even if you use them outside your house, they can easily run straight into your drainage systems which lead to local waterways or ocean. Also, weedkillers and fertilizers can cause serious harm when drained into local waterways.

It is always a great idea to consult a qualified Hilton plumbing professional to help you with important plumbing repairs to remedy water pollution. However, if you are careful you can prevent the problem before it occurs.

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