Four Colors (Besides White) You Should Definitely Consider for Your Kitchen Walls

If you have been thinking that maybe it is time to shake things up a bit with a home remodel make sure you don’t dive in before looking for some quick and easy ways to shift the energy without having to invest a lot of money and time. For example, sometimes what you really need is a fresh coat of paint, or change the color of the paint on your walls altogether. When it comes to the kitchen in your home, then, here are some popular colors, and what it can do for your kitchen.


Warmer colors—red included, of course—stimulate the appetite, according to some health experts.  That concept alone makes red a hot choice as a kitchen color (no pun intended).  But red is also pretty versatile (and can come in many shades) that is easy to complement with other colors for just the right touch.


At the opposite end of the color spectrum we have cool colors like blue.  Blue helps a room feel crisp and calm. Think of the sky on a cloudless day, or the ocean when there is little wind.  When used sparingly, though, blue can be quite invigorating. Furthermore, dark blues actually make for great accent colors on white and gray walls so you might want to consider it for crown molding, KSI kitchen cabinets trim, and in other small ways.


Yellow is often recommended as the perfect color for a kitchen (aside from the classic white, of course).  It is the color of sunshine, of happiness, of comfort.  It can be both lively and soothing at the same time and encourages a sense of energized, motivated calm. Yellow can also help to make a room feel much bigger than it actually is.


Finally, you should consider gray. This is the new “white.”  For a long time, white was the go-to color for the kitchen but that is phasing out.  Homeowners are now looking for more versatile tones and it just so happens that gray is a fine candidate.  You might consider gray to be a “cold” tone—think concrete, cement, rain clouds—but when you pair it with the right colors, gray can bring out brightness even more than white could.  This makes gray an excellent choice as a base for building a more vibrant color scheme over the top.

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Matthew Okafor