Getting your roof replaced

We tend not to think much of our roofs, not until something drastic happens and they are left damage or rendered all most useless in parts of our home. That goes for myself as well, I would like to tell you about my experience hiring a roofing company to help repair my roof. So, let me begin by telling what happened to my roof. Three years ago, I went on a trip abroad to do some teaching, during this my wife stayed behind and took care of the house and the pets. A few months after leaving a pretty big storm passed through Houston and knocked over an old oak tree that resided in the back yard. One of its large branches hung over the house and was damaged during the storm. Falling on the roof just over my wife’s home office. Luckily, neither my wife or pets where in the room at the time. It caused a huge amount of damage and went straight through the roof and into the room itself.

Being away, there was little I could do. So, like any other home owner, we called our insurance company and had a roofing company come by to replace the roof. Our insurance company gave us the name of a local business that was well regarded and fairly priced. So, hired them, not knowing much about roofing or who was good to hire. The business was called Acadian Roofing and are Houston based. Which, I must personally recommend if you have any roofing issues and live in the greater Houston area, great company by the way.

My wife did not know what to expect and was concerned about the construction time and how it would intervene with her day to day life. Fortunate for here the roofers worked around her schedule and produced results in a timely manner. Since the portion of the roof at to be completely replaced, they offer the option to redesign or even reduce the roof since the damage was substantial. Which I let my wife decide, since she was the one who was there. We ended up going with a whole re-roofing since the roofer told us it was approaching the time to repair it anyways. It is on average that a roof needs to be repaired or replaced every eight-teen to twenty years.

The construction only took a few weeks, due to the extent of the construction. Though they were happy to work around my wife schedule and keep us constantly updated at the progress being made. Once finished they went over what had been done and provide a five-year warranty on the job, which is usually unheard of in this line of work, form what I have been told. When I returned from my trip, I was quite impressed at the job of the roof. When I left, it looked fine, but now could tell it was in excellent condition compared to before.  So, if you find yourself in the same situation my wife and I found ourselves in, I would gladly recommend Acadian roofing to handle the job. Their professionalism and workmanship speaks for itself and we have yet to have to call about the warranty that they offer.

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Matthew Okafor