Learn to repair the wooden frame of a window

If we have home leadlight window with wooden frames, these elements may break because of the use and over time. And although it may seem a difficult task, we can actually leadlight repairs the wooden frames ourselves, although we have little experience in DIY.

What you should know

  • Wooden windows: if the frame is damaged, with easy maintenance window will be like new.
  • Materials: chisel and wood putty, sander, jig saw and hand, hammer and meter.
  • Simple repair: remove the part of the wooden frame is broken, sand well, caulk, wait for it to dry and paint the end.

Before we begin, we must verify the state in which is the window. If not too bad, then only it will require little maintenance. These are the materials we need, hand saw with fine teeth, jig saw, wood putty, hammer, wood chisel, meter, pencil and electric sander.

Remove damaged areas

If we remove the glass from the window wood better, but if we see it very difficult, we can leave them set to prevent breakage when handled.

Carefully, we will remove the chisel and hammer the wood that is damaged or rotten. Then we clean up the whole area very well making sure that the wood is sound and there are no remains in disrepair. Now is the time to apply wood putty , so it is all the covered area and let dry.

We will sandpaper the area well so that it is level with the rest of the window frame and apply another layer of putty like finish, leaving the relatively smooth surface. We can help a spatula to make it better.

Repair the frame full

If the damaged part of the frame is larger, we can replace that piece with a new one.  Cut with the jigsaw, if possible, the piece of wood that will be replaced. If we cannot do it this way, we will have to empty the piece of rotten wood with the chisel and leaving the smooth area well. Later, we will sandpaper well and create a new piece with a block of wood or a board, depending on size. Then he will stick with epoxy resin, will sandpaper and paint the frame.

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Matthew Okafor