How to Achieve an Eclectic Decor for Your Urban-Chic Apartment Bathroom

When we live in small or medium apartments, we tend to consider bathrooms just functional spaces that need little to no decoration. If the space doesn’t allow extended remodeling projects, our instincts tell us to leave the bathroom as neat, clean and visually breathable as much as we can. However, even small and medium bathrooms can be turned into veritable works of art with the help of a few tricks and interior design elements – if we know how to employ them.

Eclectic décor isn’t a new concept, but is getting more popular by the minute. Its definition is pretty straightforward: the eclectic style represents the gathering of different designs, periods and styles in the same room, all bound together by color and texture, shape and finish. In other words, you can mix and match different design ideas to make the space look different. But how can we pull off an eclectic décor in our urban chic apartment bathroom without making the room look cramped? Let’s see together two interesting ideas!

The Rustic Style Meets the Renaissance

When you conceive an eclectic décor for your bathroom, you need to keep in mind that the beauty and the harmony of such design reside in texture, depth, and color. You can mix a few apparently mismatching elements to pull off an eclectic décor:

  • Add a natural wood log as a rustic noveltyelement to keep your towels on (or to use as a “table” for your beauty & cosmetic products)
  • Mix this rustic element with a sumptuous chandelier to replace the usual and mundane bathroom-specific lighting. A large chandelier in a flower shape adds a touch of glam and royal charm to any apartment bathroom. More importantly, it adds visual depth to the space.
  • If you want to take things further, add a wooden storage element with open shelves for toiletries and treat a wall with paintings or framed pictures. Turning a bathroom wall into an art gallery speaks about the eclectic style like no other, as you can play with color, contrast, texture and depth any way you like. Depending on the frame styles you choose, you can push forward the Renaissance style or the rustic one.
  • As supplemental décor elements, you can add a decorative tree in a pot and play with nuances in gold, red, or warm browns.

The Industrial Style Meets the Retro

Under the wide umbrella of the eclectic style, the industrial style found a home to thrive and conquer interior designers. If you want to add an industrial finish to your bathroom, you can get the best inspiration from industrial-style home bars. Such bars also need to be built in small/medium spaces and yet reflect the main features of the industrial style.

An industrial-meets-retro design can be achieved quite easily:

  • Make sure you display an unfinished concrete wall or an exposed brick wall (exposed chrome water pipes are also an interesting idea).
  • Don’t forget to mix natural polished wood with chrome bars and fixtures and some precious surfaces. Remember to keep the bathroom visually breathable – choose either color or texture as themain eclectic element, as overcrowding it may lead to a less pleasant
  • Retro elements can be easily integrated into an industrial-style bathroom. Think about metal sink or retro-style bronze fixtures; think about retro-style lamps and lighting, bright bold colors, retro style furniture and so on.

One might think that rustic and Renaissance don’t go well together, just like industrial and retro might clash with each other. However, even if they feel different, they make some of the best design foundations to build an eclectic décor on. There are plenty of other styles you can mix together to achieve an elegant, different, unique and eclectic bathroom – but what are your ideas?

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Matthew Okafor