Lighting The Home With Candles

Whether it’s lighting the home in an emergency because the power has gone out or to give a subtle light to the rooms in the home without turning on a lamp or an overhead light source, candles can provide a bright atmosphere without spending money for electricity. There are numerous ideas that you can use for decorating with traditional candle holders in every room of the home, for every season and for any occasion. A benefit of candles is that you will have a light source when others in the neighborhood might not if there is a power outage.

When you enter a room that has candles flickering, it offers a comforting feeling and one that is soothing and peaceful. You can place candles around a tub while taking a bath or throughout the home as a way to make the environment smell pleasant. With the right accessories alongside the candles, you can create a beautiful display on a shelf, table of mantle.

If you enjoy reading, then consider placing a few candles on a table beside a chair that you like to sit in while reading your book. You won’t have the harsh light from a lamp that can sometimes give you a headache while trying to read. Larger candles are often best if you’re looking for something to read by as they will last longer and often give off a brighter light. Find a candle with a floral scent as this can help to relax the mind while you read.

The bathroom is one of the most common areas of the home to place candles. You can put them on a small shelf near the bathroom mirror for a sensational look as the flame flickers. A bath tray with a few colorful stones and small candles makes for a beautiful decoration on the back of the toilet or in the center of a vanity with two sinks. Candles in the living room simply provide a cozy atmosphere while you’re spending time with the family. You can change the colors and the scents for each season or holiday during the year, such as peppermint for Christmas or pumpkin for the fall.

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Matthew Okafor