Replace Your Damaged Gutters

If your home’s gutters and downspouts are damaged, your home can suffer serious damages. When it rains, damaged gutters and downspouts can cause significant damages to your roof, siding, foundation and basement that result in costly repairs. So you need to be serious in your gutter replacement work.

When your gutters are in good shape except for a few loose connections, you may be able to get by with some simple repairs. However, when they’re broken, or severely damaged, it’s best to replace them. If your gutter system is old and starting to deteriorate, rust or sag, you can replace them with new aluminum, vinyl or copper gutters that provide superior quality and long-lasting protection. Many new gutter systems come with a lifetime warranty.

Signs of Damage

If your gutters are looking worn, and you suspect they need repairs or replacement, here are some tips to help you determine the damage:

* Look for leaks in corners where leaks often occur first.
* Look for joints that are broken or pulling apart where water overflows when it rains.
* Look for stains on gutters and downspouts from overflow of water.
* Look for signs of sagging. If gutters are turning down at the front, they may not be well-secured.
* Look for signs of rust in steel and galvanized gutters.
* Look for water coming out from behind the gutters.

If you notice any of the above problems, it may be time to replace your gutter system. Talk to a home improvement contractor in your area who specializes in gutter repairs and replacement. An experienced contractor can assess the condition of your existing gutters and determine if you should repair or replace them.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Cleaning out your home’s gutters takes time and effort, but clogged gutters can cause a lot of problems. If your home has overhanging trees, you should clean out your gutters every spring and fall to avoid clogs.

* Clogs hold wet debris against your roof line which allows moisture to build up under roofing materials. This can result in costly roof repairs.

* Clogs can force water to cascade off the corners and edges of your roof. Unwanted overflow can cause erosion at the base of your home leading to foundation problems and basement flooding.

*Standing water in your gutters sets up a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. This can create a health problem for your family and pets.

*Accumulation of leaves, twigs, acorns and berries attract insects and rodents. These outdoor pests can easily find a way into your home.


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