How to Spot Pest Infestation During House Tour

One of the biggest things you should look out for when buying a new house is pest infestation. There are actually a lot of sellers that want to let go of their houses because of an existing infestation. Buyers who don’t know how to spot infestations can easily fall into the trap of buying such houses. In order to avoid this, you have to know how to determine if the house has an infestation or not. If you are unsure of your evaluation, you can always call a local pest control team, like Bizzy Bee Pest Control, to check the house for you.

Check for Active Pests

The first thing that you have to look out for is pests that you can actually see around the house. See if there are termites, cockroaches, rats, and other crawlies that come in herds. The most common places where these pests roam are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Check for Dead Bugs

Aside from living bugs, you need to check for dead bugs as well. If you happen to see dead termites or cockroaches in the kitchen, there might be an infestation. It’s also easy to spot dead bodies of termites and winged ants that travel in armies.

Check for Nests

If the house has an infestation of rats, it’s easy to spot their nests. These nests are usually in the form of burrows and big holes. Ants, on the other hand, will hide in a soil nest. The bees can tunnel through soft brick mortar or exploit an existing gap. Check areas on the house where these nests are most likely to be seen.

Check for Smells

Bugs and rats usually give off very weird odors. Rats, for instance, emit a urine type of smell. Roaches give off a weird sewer smell. If you happen to smell something funky, then there might be an infestation. Make sure you watch out for any smells that seem out of the ordinary.

Check for Holes and Claw Marks 

It may be a bit tedious to minutely check every corner of the house. However, you need to do this if you want to get clues about pest infestation in the house. If you see small holes in the ceiling, floor, and walls, then there might be a bug infestation. Bigger holes and wider slash marks may mean that there is a rat infestation. Gnaw marks are also signs of the existence of rats.

Check for Any Trails

When bugs or rodents pass by, they tend to leave some sort of trail. Rodents tend to leave greasy marks when they pass by. This is usually accompanied by some sort of footprint. Bugs, on the other hand, tend to leave their skin, droppings, or wings on the floor. If you see any of these, then there is a big chance of an infestation.


One of the main reasons why a lot of homeowners let go of their houses is because of an infestation. They want to pass the problem to the next gullible tenant. Avoid being the victim by checking for the signs mentioned above.

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