Important Factors to Consider When Fencing with Wood

It is said that you will never get a second chance to make the first impression. When it comes to a house or a property, the fence makes the first impression. So, you cannot go wrong when choosing the type of fence you are to build. There are different types of fences depending on the material used, but of concern here is wooden fences. Here are our four top factors to consider when using a wooden fence.

Provide safety and security

The biggest benefit of building a fence is to provide security. Whether in the cities, suburbs, or farmland, there is always a possibility of insecurity that affects safety. Fences provide the peace of mind that the lives of the people, animals, and valuables in them are well protected. Additionally, they also help to keep pets and young children within the safe area. A fence is also used to keep thieves, trespassers, and intruders away from your valuables. For the fence to meet this need you need to use the best wood for fence, in terms of quality and strength. This separation also helps in creating a sense of privacy, and one can have a personal space within the confines of the fence. Privacy gives you the comfort of being able to do what you love and just enjoy your home without external judgment or intrusion from strangers who can put your business out there.


The fence improves the overall appeal of the property. Wood provides more flexibility in creating great designs and styles as it can be easily customized and crafted to meet the need you want. Therefore, a skillful approach is required in that you can create the appeal you want at the same time ensuring safety and security are not affected. You need to have a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve then find good quality wood and customize it. After curving our wood to what we want, we can add decorative items to complement the design. As icing on the cake, once you put up an appealing fence the offers good security and privacy, the overall value of your property. This now attracts buyers if you are looking to resell the property.

Nature of Area to be fenced

The area being fenced influences the type of material to be used and also the amount of material to acquire. In most cases the fence is used to mark the boundaries of the property, therefore a larger property will require more materials to cover the whole area, hence increasing the budget.  The type of soil also determines the type of wood to be used. It is important to use high-quality wood that is durable and can survive in harsh weather conditions.

Good neighbor

IN areas that are highly populated take into consideration the properties of your neighbor and how your fence could affect them in terms of blocking views or access. If it is in a place that has a homeowners association it is important to consult before building to know if they have any rules in relation to fencing.

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Matthew Okafor