Is Water Damage a Guarantee for Black Mold?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) clearly outline the dangers to public health of breathing in black mold. This is especially concerning for the elderly, young children and anyone with pre-existing lung problems. Water damage to the home is the easiest way for mold infestations to start. Although there is no guarantee you will be able to completely keep a mold problem at bay, below are a few ways that you can give you and your family the best odds of staying black mold free.

Drying Out the Area

Your best chance at avoiding a mold infestation after serious water damage is to get the area dried out as quickly as possible. It may be unavoidable if you have had your home inundated by natural street, or river flooding, but you can at least minimize the problem by getting the water out of the home. This will include carpeting, flooring, walls, furniture and anything that can soak up water. Remove the items from the home that are not salvageable, or set them in natural sunlight to help kill mold spores.

Thorough Inspections

You need to have an expert inspect the property to ensure all areas of water intrusion are dealt with. There could be water in areas you are not aware of, which will provide the perfect environment for black mold growth. Allow an experienced inspector to check all hidden areas for your peace of mind. You do not want to subject your family to breathe in dangerous black mold spores.

Never Cut Corners

Cutting corners after water damage is tempting because it saves time and money. The process of cutting corners leaves you at risk for black mold infestation. Leaving any amount of water damage untreated and unresolved is an invitation for mold to grow. This is one area of home repair you want to take time with and get it done right.

Monitor for Mold Growth

You can normally smell a mold problem long before it becomes visible. Monitor areas of water damage restoration to ensure there is no mold growth. Black mold is obvious by the coloration and there will be a very pungent odor. Seek professional assistance if mold develops, or the odor is persistent. There could be a deeper water intrusion problem that needs to be handled.

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