The Number of Times You Must Clean Your Carpet: Read Further To Know More

Carpets are a symbol of luxury. They add class and glamour to your home. At the same time, they pose a great threat if not kept clean. The microscopic organisms are of acute danger and need to be removed through proper cleaning services. In the same reference, you need to keep certain things in mind.

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Drawbacks of Dirty Carpets

  • The dirt and dust from the carpet degrades the quality of air in the house, which might cause breathing problems and various other health issues.
  • The décor of the house is ruined. The guests notice the spoiled and soiled carpet, which could be quite embarrassing for you.
  • Over time, the stains may damage the carpet fibers and you many have to replace it.


Mostly kids sit on a carpet while playing. Being a parent you know that your children may spill milk and other beverages where they play. When you have such a thing happening at your home, it is best to clean your carpet bi-annually yourself and seek professional assistance annually. Yes, you can clean the carpet yourself, but professionals will have all the required equipment and the training to clean your favorite carpet.

Once the professionals clean the carpet properly they heat dry to remove the germs and other microscopic organisms that are a threat to the health of your loved ones.


If you have a pet at home, then you definitely need professional carpet cleaning services.

  • Dogs play in dirt, may dirty your carpet
  • They play in grass, may bring infections home
  • They may shred the carpet
  • They may pass urine

Do not forget, your family members sit and relax at the same place where these things happen.

When your house carpet is prone to things like these, make sure you clean your carpet thrice in a year and call professionals to assist you at least twice a year. With pets the area does become more prone to infections and may spread infection.


The carpets you purchase are usually in the warranty period. While you read the terms and conditions of warranty, check for instructions to care for it too. Before you hand over your carpet to a company to clean it, make sure all the instructions are read and followed.

The reasons for contamination

Your carpet may get infected or contaminated due to several reasons. Some are mentioned below:-

  • Pets play a lot on the carpet
  • You prefer to stay without footwear at home
  • Your carpet is made of polyester / olefin, which attract and trap more oil than others
  • You love cooking and are passionate about it

There is no place better than your own home. Keep it neat and healthy by seeking the services of professionals. Make each day healthy and fine for your family to thrive and dwell.

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Fred Pipkin has written this article. If you want to improve the air quality at your homes or offices, then you must get the carpets and upholsteries cleaned up regularly. You can contact clean my carpets Horsham services by visiting their website.

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