Make Your Inner-City Home A Little More Peaceful

There are many advantages to living in a built-up, busy city centre. For starters, it probably means you have easy access to your place of work, with good public transport routes and an extensive road network. It also means you’ll have all the amenities you need within walking distance, which can make shopping and visiting entertainment venues very convenient. In addition, some people simply love living in the middle a huge metropolis because it gives them a sense of excitement.

However, even though it can be great to live in the middle of a huge city, there are certain prices to pay – and that doesn’t just refer to the high cost of living.

One of the biggest complaints echoed by an abundance of inner-city residents is how noisy life can be. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a little bit of hustle and bustle around us because it can be exciting. However, when we’re at home and it’s late at night, we need to get a good night’s sleep to feel refreshed in the morning for work. There’s nothing worse than feeling tired all day when you have a huge number of responsibilities to take care of.

Unfortunately, cities can be loud 24 hours a day, especially if you’re living in one of the main bar districts. You might have trains running by your house, planes flying overhead, and cars speeding by during all hours of the night. If you’re tired of all that noise and feel like there’s nothing you can do about it, you might be delighted to learn about bespoke secondary glazing.

Reducing Loud Noises to a Faint Murmur

Unlike double glazing, secondary glazing can be installed without having your current windows removed. That makes them:

  • Much easier to install
  • Cheaper to purchase
  • Easier to maintain

In addition, secondary glazing provides much better sound insulation than double glazing – despite being much cheaper to purchase – and that’s just one reason why more and more people are choosing to have high-quality secondary glazing installed.


The best secondary glazing from the most reputable providers can reduce sound levels by over 50 dB, and to put that into perspective, a very loud passing motorbike can produce sounds up to 100 dB. That means that the majority of the noises that keep you awake during the night or prevent you from relaxing during the day could be either completely eliminated or reduced to a faint murmur. By now, you might be starting to see why secondary glazing is such a good idea, but if you’re still not convinced, other benefits include:

  • You don’t need planning permission to have secondary glazing installed, where you will likely need permission to have double glazing fitted.
  • Secondary glazing reduces heat transfer from your home to the outside world, making your home more energy efficient.
  • Secondary glazing can reduce the amount of condensation build-up on your windows.

If you’re considering purchasing and installing secondary glazing, make sure you choose a reputable provider who can assure you their products are made to the highest industry specifications.

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Matthew Okafor