Orientation about Solar Pool Heaters

Was there a time when you want to take a dip but you just refrain from doing so because of the cold weather? This is one of the most common dilemmas of pool owners as once colder seasons kick in, they cannot use their pools anymore as they will just freeze instead of enjoying it. If this is also your problem, then you should get a pool heater. Yes, there are pool heaters that you can use like there are the traditional electric pool heaters and there are also solar pool heaters.

It is understandable that using electric pool heaters will generate higher electric bills. Thus most pool owners just settle with solar pool heaters. There are now different types of solar pool heaters such as:

  • Pool solar panels
  • Solar pool cover
  • Solar power reel or solar pool blanket.


Here is a comprehensive guide to solar pool heater technology:

Solar pool heaters are more affordable

Yes, just the fact that the energy will be coming from the sun, which of course is free, you only have to deal with the initial cost. There will be no need for you for any additional payment just so that your pool will become warmer.

Save a lot of money

Depending on your area, you can save money up to 90%. If you happen to be in areas with a lot of the sunshine such as Florida, California, Colorado and Arizona, this is what you will experience using the best solar pool heaters.

Reduced price

Unlike before, installing solar pool heaters is now more affordable. Yes, it might still be more expensive at the start but still, it is a lot better than it used to be. This is why there is really no reason at all for anyone not to use them instead.

Cleaner and free energy

Because of the fact that solar pool heaters use clean and free energy that is coming from the sun which is, of course, a natural source, the carbon footprint is reduced. Thus you can say that it is even good for the environment.

So, for your own pool, you should use solar pool heaters. Enjoy tremendous savings and at the same time, enjoy a cleaner and free energy as well. With a number of options, you can have the type of solar energy heater which you think is more appropriate in your area.


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Matthew Okafor