Recliner Types: Your Guide to Choosing a Recliner

There is a range of different types of recliners available. Knowing the differences and advantages of various types can help you make a decision that you are happy with for years to come.

Traditional Recliner

The traditional recliner is what people think of when they picture a recliner. This recliner generally has a lever, and when the lever is pushed, the footrest pops up. The seat will also lean back somewhat upon activating the lever. As a buyer, you should make sure you have a place in your house with ample room for the footrest and back to lean down, so that you do not end up scratching or damaging your walls.


Power Recliner

The power recliner greatly resembles the traditional recliner. The main difference is in how it operates. Instead of a lever, this recliner has a button which you press to make the footrest pop out. Another button allows the back of the recliner to move up and down slowly, to hit your desired angle. One benefit of this recliner is that the electronic buttons allow you to have more control of your chair.


Rocker Recliner

As with the traditional recliner, this recliner’s footrest and back operate in the same manner. However, instead of resting completely on the floor, the chair is built onto arched tracks that allow the recliner to rock back and forth. This is especially useful for nursing mothers and can often be seen in nurseries. This chair can also be a comfort for anyone who has trouble falling asleep.

Push-Back Recliner

This recliner lacks button or lever and is reclined by the strength of the occupant. The occupant sits in the chair and pushes backward to recline. When not reclined, this model looks amazingly similar to a normal armchair, which is in its favour. However, if the occupant does not have a lot of strength to push, such as an elderly user, this chair will not be useful as they will not be able to exert the force needed to make it recline.

Recliner 4

Swivel Recliner

Among the range of recliners, this recliner offers the most flexibility. It has a swivel base that allows the recliner to turn 360 degrees. In addition to turning, this recliner can also lean backward as the other recliners do. When selecting this recliner, be sure that there is enough space in the area for the recliner’s full range of motion in all directions.

Recliner 2

Lift Recliner

This type of recliner can lift up slowly from the back end forward. The user can control how quickly it lifts and how high. The point of this recliner is to assist those who have trouble exiting the chair or standing up on their own. It can help elderly people or those who have weak knees or hips, as it does not require the user to exert as much effort.

The type of recliner that appeals most to you depends on your needs and style. Now you have the information to make the best decision possible.

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