Signs You Have a Bad Contractor

If you have ever had renovations or a remodel done on your home, you know just how important it is to hire the right contractor for the job. The contractor on a renovation project can really make or break it in terms of both its quality and the cost to the homeowner.

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy finding a great contractor. The interview process is tiring and you don’t really know what they are going ot be like until they start the job. While this is true, there are some things about a contractor that you can recognize before they get started that should lead you to avoiding using their services.

Ask the right questions when hiring someone if you don’t want to have problems. There are also a lot of great companies that have directories of a contractor Dupage County IL has to offer its residents. It is also a good idea to ask with your friends and neighbors about who they might have used.

Signs You Should Avoid a Contractor

They work by themselves – Ask your contractor if they work with any other specialists on the job. If they don’t, this is a bad sign. No contractor is a specialists at everything on the job site. Hire someone that isn’t afraid or too proud to hire someone else to help them with the job to get it right.

No Contract – Only work with a contractor that will sign an agreement with you before they get the job started. Anyone who is afraid to have a paper trail cannot be trusted with your home or your money because there is no good reason for that. This is the only way to protect yourself in the long run.

Isn’t Getting Permits On Time – It’s a bad sign if your professional keeps having excuses as to why they can’t get you the permits on time. You need these legally to be able to the job and most contractors have a system for getting them quickly to get started on a job. It should also be a red flag if they tell you that you don’t need permits in the first place.

If any of these three things happen before or during a job, reconsider hiring that person immediately. Always have a paper trail for the job you want done, the payments you have made, and anything else you are concerned about. Dont’ leave yourself liable.

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