The Benefits of Artificial Plant Environments

Plants instill a sense of peace and well-being, the greenery creates a warm and inviting space, adding a natural dimension to any room. As nice as they are, real plants and flowers are not suited to many indoor environments, with temperature and humidity issues. They also need to be trimmed and watered, which takes time. Let us not forget the army of insects that come with the plants and bushes we have in our lounge, always a problem in the summer months.  Artificial plants offer many benefits over their natural rivals, making them a popular alternative in many homes.

Pest Free

Forget having to close your French doors in the summer, as insects are less likely to enter the room if there are no plants or flowers. Insects live in the forests and fields, so if there are no plants that they feed on, they have little interest in hanging around. You won’t be totally fly free, but there is a noticeable reduction. If you decide to make the change, and are looking for artificial plants in Melbourne, there are online suppliers with a fine selection to brighten up any home.

Artificial Plant Environments2

Maintenance free

Artificial flowers require little care, and they retain that crisp fresh look forever. They require no water, or sunlight, and they remain in the same state, whereas real plants grow, which changes the character of the room. So, by going artificial, you are having the best of both worlds, with maintenance free replicas of fresh flowers and plants, giving you that natural look.


With artificial plants, you can mix and match a room, as there are no special requirements, you can place them wherever you wish. You can choose a plant purely for aesthetic reasons, without having to worry if it will survive in that environment. If you live in a cold climate, why not have some artificial tropical grasses and other exotic plants around the house to give you a warmer feeling.

Fire resistance

Often a real plant will add fuel to the fire, so to speak, but artificial plants are made from a special fire retardant fabric, so they are a safer alternative to the real thing.

Special events

Artificial is the way to go for something like a wedding reception, or perhaps a graduation party. They can be hired quite easily, and with a wide range of styles in all shapes and sizes, you can really create the image you desire. Hotels and restaurants make effective use of artificial arrangements, something they would find hard to do with real plants. There are companies that specialise in supplying artificial flowers for events, and they will be more than happy to provide all your flower and plant solutions.

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Real flowers and plants are wonderful things, nature’s creation at its best, yet they are not meant to be indoors, and they require a higher level of care if you put them in that environment. So leave them in the gardens and use artificial in the house, for the best of both worlds.

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Matthew Okafor