The Importance of Metal Railings – How to Add them Yourself

You may not realize it if you are in good health, but many people depend on metal rails to help them get along while walking from place to place. While climbing stairs may be a breeze for those in good shape, those with difficulty walking can find it nightmarish walking up or down such commonly used access ways. For this reason, it is important that you consider fitting stairs leading into your home with metal railing. By just installing it on the perimeter of your home, you would be helping many people such as the disabled, handicapped, and the elderly access your home or the area around it more easily. This article will show you some of the best ideas for metal railing installations.

Front Door Hybrid Railing

Let us begin with the main thoroughfare in and out of your home. This is where the majority of your guests will enter and leave through. You can easily turn this area, if it hasn’t been already, into a highly safe and comfortable entryway with a bit of simple installations. Luckily, modern metal rail technology has become very simple to install and assemble. You do not need to be a builder or have a high DIY know-how to set hand rails up. With the C50 Surface Mount Railing kit, you can make a well-angled hand railing in any direction you wish. This kind of handrail has been especially crafted to best accommodate any type of incline.

Although this unit will not require much drilling, remember to take into consideration the type of flooring you will be drilling into. A concrete floor will need something such as a high quality drill bit such as a masonry one.

Back Door Hybrid Railing

Remember that it is not only the entrance to your home that needs an upgrade in accessibility, your back exit into the garden needs to also be a disabled-friendly route. The C50 or C58 mounted railing works best for back exits, and will ensure that your guests with walking difficulties can enter your garden with ease. The best part of this kind of railing is that it allows for a highly selecting angle placement, meaning that steeper stair cases can be easily turned into something far easier to climb or descend. This is achieved through the swivel joints which permit a freedom for angling.

Curved Railings

While straight-lined metal railings are a good start for assisting those in need of walking aids, customized curved railings provide a far higher level of aid. Curved railings will bend in tandem with the stairs, curving when someone ascends or descends, and straightening out on straight stretches. While people would have had to weld or craft bends into railing fittings in the past, nowadays you can purchase specialized custom fittings in accordance with whatever you will be fitting such railings onto. All it takes is a bit of planning in terms of what you need with regards to the layout of your stairs before ordering.

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