Things to Consider When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

If you are looking for a roofing company to install or repair your roof, you need to know this is a huge investment. Roof repair, installation and replacement cost can go between a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars. You should also be aware of the presence of roofing scams. Thus, hiring a roofing company should be given significance and must not be just be assigned to somebody else.

To start the process, look for some roofers. Internet results which match with keywords such as licensed roof contractors or experienced roofing company are ways to help you get started. Ask your family neighbors or friends for recommendations. When you have a few recommendations, narrow your search down by knowing more about each roofer.

But before you hire a roofing company, you need to ask some questions. A poor job can result in costly repairs and future leaks that require more money and time. The following are some information you want to know from the roofer before you make a decision.

Full Company and Physical Address

When the roofing company makes use of a post office box, do not hesitate to ask for a physical location. Roof companies which do not have a physical address can be concerning and you might want to proceed with the next one. Use the internet to look for a dependable roof replacement or repair company in your area.


A roofing contractor must have workers’ compensation and liability insurance in order to protect you n case of an accident. Workers’ compensation is important to protect you if the employee of the company gets injured. Meanwhile, liability insurance protects homeowners from damage caused by roofing professional while doing his job.455876_47482302

You do not want to shoulder the medical bills and other costs related to the injury. It is unlikely for your homeowners’ insurance to cover such kinds of accidents.

Possibility of Using a Subcontractor

You have to know whether a part of the roofing job will be done by a subcontractor. If so, ensure you ask the subcontractors the same questions such as whether they have insurance.

Contractor License

The roofing contractor must be asked if they have a license to do the job in your state or city. Licensing requirements tend to vary by state. Also, a number of cities and counties require a contractor to possess a license. You need to verify whether a license is a requirement in your area and when so, check with the licensing office to ensure the license of the roofer is up to date and not stained by outstanding violations.


Homeowner Reference

Consider asking for a job site that you can go to and check past roofing work. Also, you can ask for references; however, sometimes previous customers don’t like to release their personal information. Follow up with the homeowners and know their impression on the contractor’s work.dscf3900

Work Warranty

Ask the roofer how they guarantee the work. Typically, a roof warranty lasts for one year; however some roofers provide longer warranties. Often, the manufacturer covers the materials and the roofing company covers the work.

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