Three ways to Treat Your Garage Right

It’s time to give your garage the gift it deserves. It has done nothing but support you through vehicles that leak oil, hobbies that have stained its surface, and feet that have pounded it into unevenness. It’s cold, dirty, and feels alone with a single light bulb that only goes on when the garage door opens.

It’s Time for a Garage Makeover

It’s time to take your garage to the next level. Instead of being a simple space, it needs to be a showplace your neighbors and guests will stare at in amazement and envy. In other words, your garage is ready for a complete makeover. Don’t panic, because this doesn’t mean tearing everything down to the struts and starting over again. You can easily upgrade the space for somewhere between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. How much you spend depends on how top line you want to go. To give you some ideas, here are three ways to treat your garage right.


Since it has taken the brunt of abuse start with the floor. The easiest way to do this is to repair the cracks and chips, clean it, even it out, and apply an garage guard epoxy. Available in many colors and patterns, this adhesive treatment, sold at home improvement locations like Floorguard, coats the concrete floor and seals it to prevent further damage.


Your lone garage bulb needs some modern friends. Something in the realm of soft, yet bright, LED lighting. Not only are these lights long-lasting but they also bathe your garage in a warm glow to draw in curious neighbors.


If you want to keep your garage as a storage area, then you need to do it the right way. Install an interlocking, enclosed storage system with ample space for tools, hobbies, and sports equipment. This will complete your garage’s upgrade and keep the clutter off your new floor. Considering a new look for your garage? Speak to a neighbor or friend who upgraded their garage to see who they worked with. In addition, do your own research for the best company.

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Matthew Okafor