What Could Ruin your Moving Day

When preparing everything for your move, it is important to expect what could go wrong so you have a plan B in place. Some things can ruin your moving day. And with extra preparation and planning, such moving issue can be avoided. Below are the things that can ruin your moving day and how you are supposed to deal with it for the success of your move.

Bad Weather Conditions

Bad weather conditions occur when you least expect them. Blizzards, heavy rains, hurricanes and fog all wreak havoc on your possessions, moving trucks and moving team. So make sure that you check the weather in the days of that week your moving day is scheduled and plan accordingly. In case a storm is likely to hit, have your delicate items wrapped in waterproof plastic and put non-slip towels and runs on the floor. If it seems you are up to experience extreme heat, have cold drinks and sunscreen ready for everybody.

Furniture Does Not Fit

Some pieces of furniture that you wish to bring to your new home might be too big to fit through the doors and into the hallway. In order to avoid the tough work and moving costs, measure your larger furniture and your new house’s entryway. If your favorite table is to wide, consider disassembling it so it will pack into the moving truck.

Damage on your Belongings

When moving to a new house, expect some bangs, bruises, bumps and knocks. And while some of your valuables may be able to take a hit, the majority of your wooden furniture, glassware and electronics would not hold up under pressure. To ensure that your belongings and property are safe, have the more delicate items packed in lots of foam padding, blankets and packing peanuts. Consider laying plenty of protective plastic covering on your flooring and hire professional removalists to move your heavy and bulky items.

Road Issues

Because of vehicle breakdowns, accidents and heavy traffic, your car or moving truck may not be able to arrive at your new place on time. And if finally arrives there, you still have to find a parking space that is large enough to accommodate he moving truck and make it easy for people to unload the furniture. Thus, ensure you do your homework before the moving day. Have your car checked by your mechanic. Plan several travel routes so that when a certain route doesn’t seem to let you pass peacefully, you can try another way. Also, consider installing traffic apps to be alerted when there is an accident along the way.

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Matthew Okafor