How Solar Energy Works

The simple answer to “How does solar energy work?” is that panels made of the right materials act as a generator when the sun hits it. The complicated answer involved describing the technology behind the solar panels and how the equipment turns the sunlight into a useable energy source.

useable energy source

Two Types of Solar Panels

There are two types of solar panels that a consumer can invest in. One is solar thermal, which uses the heat of the sun to warm water which can be circulated through a building as a heat source. Solar thermal panels are placed in a way that sun shines directly on it as long as possible.

Direct Energy

Solar thermal requires direct energy from the sun. Often, dark surfaces are used as thermal collectors to heat up the water beneath the surface. Also, the panels are created in a way that causes immediate energy to be released.

Solar thermal requires

The other type of solar panel are photovoltaic (PV). These are made up of solar cells that absorb the sunlight and generate power for the home. Each cell only generates a small amount of energy, which is why the cells are attached to a panel in order to gain enough light to power a home.

Indirect Solar Energy

The process in which PV panels work is more indirect than thermal energy. The layers of cells are designed to react with each other to produce a reaction that is then converted into power for your home.

Indirect Solar Energy

Other forms of indirect solar energy include:

  • Hydroelectric dams
  • Wind turbines
  • Ocean thermal energy

All of those energy sources rely on the sun to produce power for the intended facilities.

IOcean thermal energy

It is amazing how we can use the natural resources of our sun to produce enough energy for our home and to put back into the power grid for others to use. It is worth the time and investment to have this equipment installed for your home.

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