Why Planters Are the Best Choice for Budding & Experienced Gardeners

Whether you are an already well seasoned gardener, or simply somebody who is starting out in this immensely rewarding hobby, you will no doubt have seen that the amount of choice that is available, when it comes to shrub and flower storage (for lack of a better word), is dizzying. There is just a massive amount of products out there, to enable you to display your green creations, but none are as versatile as the humble planter.

Every Shape & Size Imaginable:

One of the best features of planters is that you can get them in pretty much any shape or size imaginable. So, if you need something specific for your garden, in a particular type of material, you can get it, quite easily. Or maybe you are limited for space, and may only have access to a window, where you may wish to grow herbs, for example. Again, this is not an issue.  Whether plastic, stone or wood – even metal – you can get your required planter in whatever configuration you require specifically.

Types of Planter:

Expanding a little on the shapes aspect mentioned above, planters can be obtained in a huge amount of different forms. To give you an example, you may wish to complete the look of your garden with planters in the shape of kegs or barrels. Or the classic window box configuration is always a very popular choice. And naturally, planters come in a range of different lengths too, so you are bound to find something to fit your windows.

Internal As Well As External:

Many people are awakening to the benefits of growing their own herbs and vegetables, and internal planters, designed for use inside of your home, are an ideal solution for this. There really is nothing quite like your own freshly grown produce, and things like chilli & cilantro are pretty easy to grow indoors, with little attention required. A lot of people have now given up buying store bought herbs, and being able to simply snip some fresh chives for your scrambled eggs in the morning, is intensely rewarding – not to mention delicious! So, planters can be gotten for a range of internal installations also, be that your kitchen, or even just a greenhouse you tend to. And of course, in doing this one action for yourself, you are also helping out the environment a little bit also.

Bespoke Designs:

Even if you cannot source that particular planter that is just right for you, it is possible to get bespoke planters created, to your individual specifications. Everyone has those awkward areas in their home, where nothing seems to fit “off the shelf”, and this may be true to you also. There is no need for despair however, as you too can get that perfect planter, for that stubborn spot!

These are just a small few reasons why planters are the ideal solution for you when it comes to gardening and shrub or plant storage.

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Matthew Okafor