You Will Stop Flushing Disposable Wipes Down your Toilet After Reading This

These days, disposable wipes are nearly everywhere, from small handy pocket sized packs to big tubs. They used to be an alternative cleaning agent during diaper changes in babies. However, they have evolved with hand sanitizing wipes and facial wipes available in the market. But the handy disposable wipes are mislabelled as flushable. Although they can be flushed down to the toilet, there are a lot of stories of home septic systems and drain pipes getting clogged. Below are some reasons you must not dispose of these wipes down the drain.


They Can Clog the Pipes

Sure, these disposable wipes are flushable. But, this label means they can easily be disposed of in the toilet as they fit your drain pipes. You can flush them down your toilet; however, accumulated number of wipes can clog the pipes.

They are Made of Non-Woven Materials

The closed used to manufacture disposable wipes are not woven. Rather, it is a mix of synthetic and natural fibers intended to make very thin and strong wipes. The manufacturing of the cloth involves pressing together many fibers like cotton and rayon as well as plastic resins like polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene. They are made of the same non-woven material utilized in baby diapers and dryer sheets.+


They are not Biodegradable

From the materials used to make wet wipes, it is obvious that the majority of them are used to making plastic bags and plastic bottles. This tells that the cloth is non-biodegradable. You can compare this to an ordinary toilet paper which partially disintegrates while it gets in contact with liquid or while you are using it.

Have the Ability to Attract Other Waste Material

Typical toilet drain pipes in homes are just around 4 inches thick. As the disposable wipes aren’t biodegradable and water tends to just pass through them, these wipes can accumulate inside the pipes and trap other solid waste that includes grease. Such waste material will turn into a solid mass that will clog the pipes and will block the passage of waste through. Over time, you will have to deal with a plumbing issue that requires the help of professionals.

Know that clogged drains can back up throughout the home requiring toilet repair. In case the clog has become a huge issue, the drain must be cleaned as the pipes may have to be removed in order to get to the clog. These repairs will cost money that you could avoid if you don’t flush disposable wipes in your toilet. Why not just throw these disposables in the trash bin?


In case the clog has already taken place and there’s no way for any DIY solutions to work, contact a plumbing service provider. A plumber comes to your home to inspect and identify the issue’s extent. It is likely that he snakes in the drain or use a camera to find the clog’s location and determine the cause of the problem and method to be used for removing the clog.

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