5 Simple Ideas for a Stunning Wall Transformation!

It is truly challenging to achieve a total home make-over. It will somehow cost you time (this you will spend figuring out how nice you’d like it to turn out), energy to spend on buying the perfect materials you’ll need, and lastly, will definitely cost you money. Yes, for every renovation or make over project, we really need to go through these. But we don’t need to stress ourselves out. The best tip we can suggest to make it easier is – PLAN AHEAD!

Here are 7 recommendations on how to transform your walls from lousy to wow:

Install an eye-catching wall panels or wainscoting

While beadboard wainscoting design creates an ambience of classic elegance, you can actually put a twist on the design you would want to put in. You can deviate from the usual panels into more exciting designs. You can also go for materials other than wood or paint the panels with bright or vibrant colors.

If you or your kids are fond of doodling or making any graphic arts, the doodle board or wall is perfect. There, you just let your imagination and creativity flow freely, and you are on your way to a great masterpiece.

Use your walls or a one side of the room as a mural showcase

You may ask a professional artist to do the mural or you can do it yourself if you have the passion for painting. It is a very good opportunity to showcase your talent through your walls. The themes can be nature, abstract, fantasy or sci-fi, or whatever you think would best fit your personality and would perfectly give your wall a more unique and artistic appeal.

Say about brick walls and old school slabs

Bring on the vintage look and rustic feel for your house. Decorate your walls with some bricks and old school slabs. While these were common in kitchen, fireplace and porches, why not try it in the bedroom and family room? What about a rustic but modern approach? Well, it’s worth a try. Use some graphic tiles.

If you have a lot of stuff and find your home a haven for clutter and chaos, then say good-bye to those eye-sores! With some extra effort to convert your walls into some well-designed cubbyholes, you can now organize your stuff into them without sacrificing beauty. And be ready to wow yourself with a cool, stunning wall.

Not very common in most homes but mosaic tiles are also very interesting piece in wall decoration projects. The added texture and beauty they give off, simply amazing!

Dress up your walls with decals and fancy wallpapers

These are easier to install. There are a number of decals and wallpaper designs to choose from. Another thing is that, wallpapers are timeless. For decades, wallpapers have been a favorite in the wall decoration projects.

If you wish to have a futuristic effect on your walls or the entire home interior, you must work on every single detail from lightings, to flooring, ceiling, furniture, cabinetry and the walls.

We hope we have been able to help you come up with the best ideas on how to make your home more livable and more beautiful. Remember, the walls aren’t just a piece of wood, board or slab. They are also the face of your house and a reflection of its dweller


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Matthew Okafor