5 Ways to Keep your Roller Shutters Looking New

According to the people who repair roller shutters for a living, the number one reason for a call out is caused by a build-up of dirt and dust, and a general lack of attention. Often the repair can be quite costly, especially if a new motor is required, so, for this reason, it makes sense to maintain your roller shutters now and then. Here are a few simple things you can do to retain that new look and ensure smooth operation throughout.

  • Tracking Inspections – the vertical tracking on either side can also accumulate dirt and grime, especially in coastal regions, and with the hot and dusty climate in Australia, a regular clean is a good idea with anything. The tracking must be free of any obstructions, and keep your eyes open for shrub growth, as this can impair the smooth operation of the shutters.
  • Keep the Shutters Clean – If you have the opening slat type, open them as far as they will go, then hose down the shutters and finish off with a damp cloth, as you would with a car. It is a good idea to keep a small, stiff brush in the shed and use this to brush away dirt and dust that eventually builds up. If you are living in Western Australia, and are looking for Perth shutters, your best bet would be to talk to http://www.perthrollershutters.com/, who offer a comprehensive tailor made solution at affordable prices.
  • Regular Use – Similar to a car, your roller shutters need to be used regularly. In the winter months, you might want to raise and lower them once a week, just to keep the mechanism fluid, and in the summer they will be used often, so it isn’t an issue. Care should always be taken when operating your shutters, as they can easily damage if they are put under extreme stress. Never lean against, or placed anything heavy onto your shutters, as this could bend or warp the aluminium slats, and that would eventually cause a malfunction.
  • Lubrication –Roller shutters require lubrication, and this can be done by applying lubricant oil on the tracking, and the rollers will pick this up every time you operate them. It is a good idea to contact the company that installed them and ask to give the shutters a yearly inspection, and repair or replace any defective components.
  • Cleaning the surface – Avoid using anything abrasive, as aluminium can easily scratch, and make sure you do not use any chemicals that would affect the powder coating. The shutter manufacturer would be able to recommend a suitable product to clean the slats, so be careful, and check first if you are unsure.

Roller shutters are an effective security screening that also provide the homeowner with a high level of privacy and light control. If you are thinking of installing roller shutters, an online search should put you in touch with a reputable supplier in your area.

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Matthew Okafor