Décor tips that won’t cost a penny from your Security Deposit

Though you don’t own it but you are flaunting the fact that you have a house for rent in Bangalore. On visiting it, many find it soulless. Maybe it is the décor part that is missing from your abode in the city of dreams. However, it is a concern for many who reside in a rented place. Whether it is a rented space in Mumbai, Delhi, or Hyderabad, adding colours and vibrancy to these rented spaces often proves to be risky for security deposit.

Thinking how to decorate your home without costing your security deposit? Here are some superb tips to tune up your rented den without costing a penny from your security deposit.

  • Add rugs to the floor

The floors occupy a big portion of the rented space’s surface. It is quite common that the floor will be dirty or has some other flaws. One of the low-cost and low-risk decor items is the colourful rug which will protect the floors from the damages and even act as a safeguard to your security amount. You can go for large carpets in bold shades and patterns to add flavour to your home without bringing any impact on the original look of the house and thus, secure the security deposit.

  • Removable wallpaper

If you are thinking of redesigning the rooms of your rented house, then the removable wallpapers are a safe deal. These wallpapers are light in weight and made from starch fabric, thus, they can be easily removed without bringing any impact on the landlord’s flat.

  • Alternative to Drilling

“So what If I am staying in a house for rent in Bangalore. I am paying for it and I can drill holes to hang my stuff.’ If this is what is racing in your mind, then you need to control your thoughts. Drilling holes and damaging the wall could deduct your security deposit. Replace the drill machine with adhesive hanging stripes which can hold even bulky frames. You can purchase these strips in accordance with the size and weight of the hanging or frame that you wish to hang.

  • Update the Hardware of the Rented Apartment

The best way to freshen up the look of your rented house is to alter the hardware. Instead of changing the big shots, go for small nothings such as a towel rack in your bathroom or knobs and handles of the cabinets in the kitchen. These small changes can bring a big difference to the home decor. Just make sure to keep all the original hardware safe and replace your updates with the original one at the time of moving out. This way, no harm can be caused to your security deposit.

  • Illumination of the apartment

The one fluorescent tube light might be unable to give you a welcoming light and may end up in creating some odd shadows. To overcome this, go for installing lamp shades, table lamps and floor lamps to give a lively look to your home.

Indeed, putting your personal touches to a rented house is a challenging task, but with the above-mentioned decor tips, you can personalise your rented apartment without compromising on your security deposit.

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Matthew Okafor