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Sometimes your home needs a little burst of something, but you just can’t put your finger on it. Often this is because we always seem to look past the features that each and every house has, interior doors! Making small changes to your interior doors can bring a big facelift to your home’s decor, with the added benefit of not having to spend too much money.

Bright Colours

The fastest way to renovate your interior doors is by painting them with a fresh coat of colour! Bold and bright colours can really liven up the rooms in your house, for example, having a buttercup yellow door in a farmhouse styled kitchen would really add to the warm and homely vibe. Or instead, you could choose to paint the door with a strong contrasting colour, for example having a black and white contemporary living room with a shocking red door would look extremely artistic and would create a lasting impression.

If you aren’t comfortable with such a big change, then you could simply repaint the doors the same colour so that they are restored to their former glory. Adding a subtler splash of colour along the door’s edge so that it can be only seen when the door is open or ajar could also look really fun!


A chic way to disguise the door as part of the wall is by making it blend in and replicating the patterns on the wall or wallpaper onto the door itself. This is a great tip for those who want to create a minimalistic look in their homes. Or instead, using some black tape to create angular horizontal and vertical shapes on your doors can also look fabulously abstract and modern. It is also cheap to do and easy to remove as styles change!

Most doors have hinges such as parliament hinges which allow them to open each way equal distances, and this means that there is more scope for you to be creative with your designs on both sides.


To go even further and be more extravagant with your door designs, why not try some upholstering? Doors which have plush coloured fabrics such as white leather, combined with nail head trims add a real touch of luxury and glamour and would be perfect for a certain bedroom design theme. Or if you are decorating a door which may be the entrance to a playroom, you may want to make the door more child-proof. This could mean covering the door in a vinyl-surface so that spillages and other accidents won’t ruin the wood of the door.

Adding glass into the door’s panelling is also easier than it sounds and can really open up the space in your rooms. Having glass panelled doors helps the rooms to flow and makes your house feel bigger and more open.

For a quick and low cost solution to giving your home a little revamp, this may be the best solution for you. There is a multitude of methods to improve the appearance of your doors which you can do yourself, you may just need to dig deep for some inspiration!

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Matthew Okafor