Design Principles to Consider For Your Kitchen Remodeling Fairfax VA

Homeowners would want to remodel their kitchens for different reasons. It may be to enhance functionality, amplify their quality of life, or stay atop new design trends. But whichever the reason, you need to understand the principles of a good kitchen design. The kitchen is the most popular not to mention most important room in a home. If you make critical considerations when remodeling, it will pay in the long run. Here are the common design principles to look at when doing kitchen remodeling Fairfax VA:

The work triangle

If you aren’t aware, the work triangle is the space shape made by the refrigerator, sink, and the range. When you remodel your kitchen, examine this space properly. It is one of the areas of a kitchen that can be messed up in terms of designs often leading to underutilization or overutilization of the space. You want to ensure it is compact enough while ensuring sufficient space for you to prepare food and avoid people bumping into each other. The features should not intersect with projecting surfaces like countertops or cabinets.

Kitchen ergonomics

You just don’t place the refrigerator and pantry anywhere in the kitchen. A properly organized kitchen space can prevent accidents and make it more enjoyable to prepare food. Remember modern kitchens are not just designed for cooking. You can read from the kitchen or do some other activities as you make your dish.

Homeowners need to look at the space and what needs to go where. For example, when you bring in groceries from the store, ensure it is easy to unload them. This is one aspect that is often overlooked, but it can make the working in the kitchen a little bothering. For a smooth kitchen work, you want to ensure every feature is located in the right place. For instance, you may have the refrigerator and the pantry located near the kitchen entry or near the countertop so you unload those groceries with ease.

Linear order of kitchen features

The dishwasher, trash, and sink tend to have a relationship in that when you wash the soiled dishes, you will be using all of these. The design work should ensure there is a sequential order when it comes to cleaning cooking ingredients and washing soiled dishes. This not only makes the space look organized, but also provides efficiency when handling kitchen duties like preparing food or washing dishes.

Kitchen entertainment area

There are times when the family would gather in the kitchen as food is being prepared. Guests who have come in your home may also want to join you in the kitchen to watch and experience the cooking. You want to make sure the work triangle is not close to the entertain area within the kitchen. These two need to be independent so that guests and other family members can enjoy a drink, and nibble on appetizers as they watch the chef, mom, or dad cook.

That said, the gathering area in a kitchen should have a clear view of the work triangle so that other people can be able to learn how the cooking is being done.

It may not be easy to design a kitchen remodel plan; however, if you understand how things and features function and interrelate, you can correlate them appropriately in the kitchen remodeling Fairfax VA. This way, you have a functional and aesthetically appealing kitchen space.

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