Evaporative Coolers for More Efficient Home Cooling

Although heat pumps are energy efficient cooling systems, a lot of houses are built with evaporative coolers. The units do its best as there is low outside humidity. To make sure they are the best cooling system you can get, it should be provided by reputable companies like Aspen air. Below are pieces of information that can help you in getting the best efficiency and comfort from your evaporative cooler.

Efficient Home Cooling

What Exactly is this Cooler?

Evaporative coolers are box-shaped appliances that have one or more porous surfaces which allow air to pass through. The unit’s fan pulls outside air through its sides and into the home. In order to produce cool air, every porous side comes with a pad of water-absorbing material. A pan located at the cooler’s bottom has water stored in it which is lifted by a small pump to the top of every side.

In order to effectively cool a house, every pad has to remain damp; however, not soaked. With dampness, the most evaporation is created resulting in the most cooling. Homeowners may have to adjust the amount of water that the pump moves so pads are properly dampened.

Evaporative coolers

Airflow Adjustment

The climate control of a house that has evaporative cooler depends upon proper air balance. In order to limit humidity, it is important to ensure that the volume of air that flows out of the house is the same as what is pumped in. Balanced air flow can be attained by installing ducts in every room or opening windows while the cooler is being used. A window must be open to let air pressure go inside a room in order to quietly and slowly close the room’s door. When the door closes with force, there is little exhaust and it is important to open the window wider.

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Unit Size Check

To pick the perfect size of the evaporative cooler, it is important to identify the number of cubic feet of air per minute that that the unit can pump. In case the homeowner cannot find the cooler’s CFM number in the manual, the home’s square footage must be multiplied by the average height of the ceiling. The answer should be divided by two.

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Cooler Care

Evaporative coolers must be serviced two times every y ear before the cooling season. Servicing should also be done midway through summer. Maintaining the system on a regular basis is helpful in extending the equipment’s efficiency and life. Before starting the unit up, the following maintenance tips must be considered.

Cooler Care

  • Old pads must be removed with pad frames to be cleaned thoroughly. Make use of a wire brush for scraping away scale. All surfaces must be painted with a cooler protectant.
  • It is important that the reservoir will be drained and flushed. Scale and paint can be scraped away with protectant.
  • Have the water distribution system cleaned. This includes the water distribution tubes, pump impeller and pump screen. Any cracked tubing must be replaced. Use motor oil to lubricate the pump impeller.
  • Check the switches and electrical wiring for worn insulation or poor connections. Make sure there are no wear and cracks in the belt. Worn parts must be replaced.

Cooler Care

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