How to Use a Floor Buffer

Floor buffers are large electrical cleaning mechanisms that look somewhat similar to vacuum cleaners, except for the large pad on the bottom that rotates at high speed. They not only clean hard floors, but they can polish these floors as well. Floor buffers do not work on carpeted floors. Even on hard floors, they may be somewhat difficult to operate for those without a clear process to follow. However, if you see a floor buffer for sale it is worth considering due to the effectiveness of the machine when used properly. This article will detail a process that even inexperienced operators can follow effectively.

Step One

The first step is to clear the floor. Of course, large objects such as chairs and tables must be removed, but smaller objects such as trash need to be removed as well. Buffers can clean up liquid and remove dust and dirt, but are not designed to deal with anything larger than that.

Step Two

Before you begin buffing the floor, make sure the pad you intend to use is clean. Some people that have a floor buffer for sale don’t replace the pad, and you don’t want to spread dirt and grime all over the floor. Also, keep in mind that even tiny particles of rock can scratch the floor when moving at the extremely high speeds of a buffer. Once you have inspected the pad, you can move on to the next step.

Step Three

Next, pick a spot in a back corner of the room to start from. You want to start at the back and work your way forward to avoid walking through areas you’ve just buffed. Plug your buffer in, and make sure you have enough electrical cord to allow you to cover the whole room. If you don’t, take note of where the other outlets are so you know where you have to plug in the machine.

Step Four

It is almost time to begin buffing. All you have to do first is apply the solution to the pad. It is best to put it right on the pad, instead of on the floor. It is easier to spread evenly if it is on the pad.

Step Five

Locate the “on” switch. It’s usually near the handlebars of the device. Select the appropriate setting on the device. It may be best to take a look at the manual, as every buffer has different settings. Turn the device on.

Step Six

Walk slowly in a back and forth motion while pushing the device. Be careful not to miss any spots, as they will stand out when the rest of the floor is clean. Be sure to stop several times during the buffing process and check the pad. If it is damaged or especially dirty, take the time to replace it. A pad in poor condition can damage the floor and your time will have been wasted.

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