The Many Benefits of Anti-Glare Window Films

The glass installed on the windows in your house is generally quite brittle, and can break very easily. For people living in Western Australia, this is often a serious problem. Windows are generally the preferred points of entry for most robbers. If they can’t unlock the window, they just break the glass and enter the house. All it takes is a powerful hit with any solid object to shatter the glass. This notion doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have glass installed on your windows at all. However, you will have to take certain security measures to ensure that the glass doesn’t break easily.

Window glasses can be covered with a specialised film to enhance security and appeal. This specialised window glass treatment is known as anti-glare film. It offers a plethora of different benefits when compared to ordinary window treatments. Here are just a few reasons why you should opt for an anti-glare window film.

Added Protection

Homeowners in Western Australia face a 55% increased risk of break-ins when compared to the national average. According to a recent study, the rate of attempted break-ins in Western Australia is also higher than in any other state. As mentioned above, burglars and thieves generally try to gain entry into a locked house through the windows.

It’s easily accessible and most importantly, doesn’t attract a lot of attention. However, if the glass on your windows has been treated with a special protection film, it won’t shatter so easily. The anti-glare window film is impact resistant, which makes it difficult to shatter the glass. Many robbers try to push the whole windowpane down if they can’t break down the glass, which is quite a noisy undertaking. Along with the window film, most companies also offer fully secure anchoring systems. This will make it very difficult for a robber to shove the whole windowpane through.

Controls Heat and Glare

The rays of the sun are usually concentrated in the room due to the presence of window glass. This causes an increase in the room temperature and also causes glare, since the rays spread throughout the room. However, if you have a protective coating on the glass, it will reduce the glare without causing an obstruction in your view. You can continue to enjoy the landscape outside without shielding your eyes from the rays of the sun! You won’t need to change your drapes every few weeks or buy new blinds after regular intervals. Just keep the windows closed throughout the day to prevent dust from entering your house.

Reduce Electricity Bills

These films also offer significant thermal resistance, thus acting as a sort of insulation on the glass. This prevents heat from escaping the room, and you will be able to save a considerable amount of money over the course of the year. Your investment in getting anti-glare window films installed will essentially pay for itself in electricity savings within a year. All in all, getting anti-glare window film installed is an excellent option for homeowners.

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Matthew Okafor