How Your Garage Door Works

A garage door is something you probably interact with on a daily basis. It performs the simple task of letting you in and out of your garage. But do you really know how your garage door works?

Almost any garage door company of Atlanta understands every aspect of your garage door.

Garage door operation

A counterbalance system is what operates your garage door. There are two major types of systems: the extension spring system and the torsion spring system.

The extension spring system

In a garage door, there are extension springs, which are attached to cables. The cables are then attached to the bottom of the garage door. As the garage door is closed, the springs are stretched.

However, when you open your garage door, the door is lifted, thanks to the energy stored within the extended springs, according to Superior Garage Doors.

The Torsion Spring System

This system is the most common one. This system also uses cables and springs to open and close the garage door. Over time, springs weaken. For this reason, they should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary.

Garage door repair Marietta GA comes in handy whenever any issue arises. For your garage door to function properly, you should perform regular maintenance services.

Some maintenance services are quite simple, and you can easily perform them on your own. However, other tasks are complex and should only be carried out by trained service personnel. Such tasks include:

  1. Roller repair and replacement
  2. Door installation
  3. Spring repair and replacement

A garage door opener in Atlanta is not a toy; therefore, children should play as far away from them as possible. In fact, children should neither play with your garage door nor its operating system.

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