Is Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets The Right Option ForYou?

You’ve likely looked around in your kitchen, pondered about what to do with your old, scratched, and outdated kitchen cabinets, and groaned at the thought of how you would ever pay for them to be replaced.

They could be painted, but paint can’t stick well to cabinet surfaces. You’ll need to remove all doors and prime the wood. Then, apply several coats of the desired color and then replace the hardware.

This can seem tedious and time-consuming, and it can also be costly if you hire a professional contractor or painter to complete the job. Once the job is done, you will still have cabinets that are the same size and style.

You could replace all of your kitchen cabinets, but this will be extremely expensive. Cabinet replacement is the most costly part of kitchen remodeling.

How about cabinet refacing? This is something that companies have done for decades. It’s a good investment. Will you be satisfied with the result?

Let’s first look at the pros and disadvantages of cabinet replacing and cabinet-refacing to determine which option is best for us.

Cabinet Refacing

Replacement of exterior fronts

  • Cabinet doors and drawer fronts can be replaced
  • Exterior structure can be refaced with the matching material
  • Install new hinges and moldings

It is important to understand that refacing will not change the layout of your kitchen. The layout of your kitchen will not change because the cabinets aren’t being moved. You can also keep the size of your cabinets the same. This might not work for you if you need more storage space.

If you are considering refacing your cabinets, they must be in good condition. Refacing may be a better choice if they are splitting or have structural issues. The cabinets will remain as they are without any refacing.

There are many benefits to cabinet refacing instead of cabinet replacement. The cost is the first. Refacing is much cheaper than replacing. The project takes much less time. The process is also much simpler and less messy because there is no need to demolish or remove cabinets. This is also a greener option, as you don’t have to send old cabinets to the dump.

Cabinet replacing

Cabinet replacement allows you to remove all your cabinets. You can change the layout of your kitchen by adding cabinets or moving them around. You can also change the feel and functionality of your kitchen by replacing it.

Cabinet replacement can be a better option if you are looking to sell your house quickly. However, the difference in return on investment may not be as dramatic depending on what cabinets you choose.

Refacing is more expensive than replacing, but you’ll still find a significant difference in the cost of refacing. If you are looking for a kitchen makeover on a tight budget, refacing might be the best option. Refacing can be up to 50% cheaper than replacing. Replacement can cause weeks of disruption and mess which can have a significant impact on your family and work obligations, especially if it’s done remotely.

You could also end up throwing away perfectly functional cabinets. You might instead try to sell them, or donate them to charity.

What is the best option for me?

Consider all of the pros and cons and decide what would work best for you and your budget. If you have the budget and are determined to make a change to your kitchen’s layout, you might consider replacing it. Cabinet refacing might be the best option if your cabinets arView Poste in good shape and you’re satisfied with the layout of your kitchen.

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