Types of Carpets

Most house owners have opted for hardwood flooring in recent years, but carpets have many benefits and are more well-versed in particular parts of the house than this wood. Carpet flooring adds a room softness both functionally and aesthetically. They function well in playrooms and bedrooms and offer a cozy and warm feeling.

Most carpet types are stain-resistant, making them more practical than we might assume. Carpets also provide a unique design choice, giving you better options in terms of pattern and color.  Let us dive right into the different types of carpets.

  • Loop Pile

Loop pile carpet is made using loops and is perfect for places with high traffic. These carpet types are not as luxurious as others but have softer and warmer feels than hardwoods. These carpets are easy to clean, and you should consider chimney Sweep Cleaning west covina for the best results.

  • Patterned Carpets

Patterned carpets are made by mixing level loop piles and cut piles, resulting in a stylish carpet with a softer touch and eye-pleasing. The pattern types can be; squares, swirls, floral motifs, and others. The available designs are also endless.

Patterned carpets are meant for decorative purposes and significantly enhance a room’s appearance. Some pattern types have repeated notions that make your room feel bigger, giving a space illusion.

Carpets consisting of heirloom patterns are used in hotels to give the traditional feel. These carpets also do not readily show vacuum marks or footprints, meaning you can use them in high-traffic places. Patterned carpets are also suitable for hiding soiling miles because some stains can blend with the patterning.

  • Plush Carpets

Plush carpets are known as velour or velvet carpets because of their soft touch. These carpets also have short yarn lengths that can be cut into equal levels. These yarns are packed densely to give the carpet a padded and soft feel.

Some yarns are gently twisted, adding to the carpet’s dense and springy look. These carpets are standard in bedrooms where most people walk barefoot, and they show footprints quickly, meaning you should avoid using them in busy areas.

Plush carpets should also not be used in stairways because they will show wear quickly compared to loop carpets.

  • Frieze Carpets

Frieze carpets are a combination of thin and thick yarns and are mainly confused with pile carpets. Frieze carpets have a relaxed look and soft texture, making the space more inviting and cozier.

Frieze carpets do not show footprints because their yarns point in different directions. They are not well-versed in foot traffic places because the carpet texture might become flat. It is also challenging to remove stains from this carpet, meaning you should consider darker colors.

Common Carpet Fabrics 

Carpets are made using different materials, and the material type plays a significant factor in the carpet’s quality. The most common carpet fabrics are;

  • Nylon

Most carpets are made using iron and are popular because of their advantages. They are affordable and available for cheap rates.

  • Olefin

Olefin is also called polypropylene, and it substitutes wool. It is also a common material used when making carpets.

Final Thoughts

Carpets occur in different sizes and designs, explaining why most homeowners struggle to pick the right one. However, with the above information, choosing a carpet should be easy. Kindly reach out for more details.

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