Renovation Ideas for Transforming Your Home


Whether you plan to hold onto your home for many years or you want to flip it and sell it quickly, a quick, quality Renovco renovation project can be quite a smart investment.  But what projects should you tackle, exactly?

Just a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you want to keep things simple—and low cost—you might consider just simply applying a fresh coat of paint to your home.  This could be inside or outside or both and it could be every room or just a single room. It can all depend on your budget or upon how much time you want to spend on the project. The great thing about painting your home to improve its aesthetic and monetary value is that you can do it in stages. Remember to also take into account the trim of doors and cabinets to improve the look and feel.

Consider Hardwood Floors

Many older homes have hardwood floors; and you might even find hardwood floors underneath your carpets.  Hardwood floors are often preferable to carpeting as they are more rustic and versatile, easier to clean, and more pleasant in many ways.  You can try to pull up the carpet in your home to see if you do, in fact, have hardwood floors. If you do, then you can continue removing the carpet and then refinish the floors.  Of course, you can also install them yourself.  If your home already has hardwood floors, consider refinishing them so they appear new and then adding carpet runners or area rugs to improve the look.

Trimming the Windows and Doors

Look at the trim along the window and door borders both inside and outside the home.  Simply replacing—and updating—these can easily improve the look and feel of any home.  Be sure to investigate all doors and windows, too, so you maintain consistency.

One Room at a Time

As mentioned above, briefly, you can remodel one room at a time. This is actually, the smartest way to go about remodeling your home, particularly if you plan to remain living in it during the remodel period.

In terms of satisfying your budget, you should know that the kitchen is generally recommended as the room with the most promise; the one that will see the greatest return on investment. Of course, a kitchen remodel can be somewhat pricey so you also have to weigh that factor, too.


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