Water Features Designed for Smaller Spaces

If you have a garden in your yard, then you may find it a great place to relax at the end of a stressful day. Putting in a water feature is a good way to add some variety to your garden and it can provide a calming meditative atmosphere to your yard. Fortunately, water features do not have to be elaborate or expensive in order to add ambience to your outdoor space.

Small Water Features

You needn’t have a large garden or yard to have a nice water feature. There are many water feature designs that are perfect for small spaces, including small ponds and water fountains. There are several self-contained water features and patio ponds that fit small spaces and that can provide you with a nice spot in which to sit and relax.

Self-Contained Water Features

There are many different styles of self-contained water features from which to choose for your home. You may consider traditionally-styled stone water fountains with pools that you can install in the front of your home or in the centre of your garden. Since they are one of the larger types of self-contained features, they have water pumps that need to be powered by electricity.

If you need a much smaller water feature, there are a wide range of styles from which to choose. There are small stone fountains that will easily fit in a flower bed and water vase or small rock style cascade fountains that have LED lighting. The smaller fountains may be connected to the mains for power or you can find some that are battery operated if you don’t want to connect your fountain to electricity.

Patio Ponds

If you want a pond in your garden, you don’t need a large space in order to have one. You can purchase a patio pond from many pond supply companies, including http://www.water-garden.co.uk/. Patio ponds can be installed outside or inside your home and may contain plants and/or fish.

Water Features Designed 1

Patio ponds are a safer alternative to traditional in-ground ponds if you have children in your home. Children and pets are less likely to slip and fall into a raised patio pond, so you don’t have to install a fence around this water feature. You will find some patio ponds made from rattan or wood and some that have PVC windows from which you can view fish if you put them in your pond.

A patio pond is a nice feature for your home because it runs on a low voltage pump and filter unit, so you can save on operational costs. Many models have a water cascade to help keep the water moving, which is important for helping to keep both plants and fish alive, and they may include an LED spotlight for viewing the pond at night.

If you want a small water feature for your yard or garden, you have a variety of options for smaller spaces. Use one to create a relaxing space of your own.

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